How To Get Your Blog Setup Fast

Day 9 – Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge

Welcome to day 9.  We’re almost a third of the way done!

If you have not yet setup your blog, today is the day.  Hopefully you’ve been producing your content every day.  If you have, you’ve got a lot of stuff to publish.

There’s two ways to setup a blog.  You can use your own site or someone else’s.

If you’re tech savvy or have someone to do it, you can setup a self hosted WordPress or other type of blog very quickly.

To Self Host Or
Not To Self Host

This blog you’re reading right now is a self hosted blog.  Without getting fancy and creating custom headers and CSS, I was able to go from start to published post in 30 minutes.

If you want free and easy, just use someone else’s.  And for that, I recommend or  You can be up and running in mere minutes.

Here’s A Short Video
That Shows You How

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