My Shotgun Approach To Social Media

Day 28 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


As we come into the home stretch of the thirty day challenge, my focus is starting to shift.  Creating a piece of unique content every single day, as you know if you’ve been playing along, can be time consuming.

This doesn’t leave as much time to do many of the other things we’ve talked about that will drive traffic to your channels.  But as my focus shifts and the groundwork has been laid out, it is now time to turn my focus onto the daily attention grabbing things.

I Just Used
This Strategy Today

I want to share a strategy that I just used today.  Keep in mind, this is just one strategy of many you can use.

I was reading a post on the Social Media Examiner today called, “12 Google Plus Marketing Tips From The Pros”.

I saw a comment that I found interesting.  In the comment, a reader referred to one of the tips that mentions using Gplus.To to create a vanity URL.

Right now, Google Plus does not allow for a URL to be shortened.  They give you a big ugly URL with a number in it.  You can’t turn it into an easy to pass along customized link like with Facebook and many others.

The commenter made a great point.  If that service was to shut down or something goes wrong, we lose our link.  And if you promote that link far and wide, it could have a pretty nasty effect.

So, what I did was to make this video below demonstrating how to use Gplus.To.  But as a second option, I also show how to create a custom URL using a redirect on a hosting account.

I uploaded the video to my Youtube channel and then responded to the comment with my advice.


The goal was to add value to the conversation.  This is a high traffic site so a lot of people will see it.  This gives me an opportunity to help others and attract them to my social media channels.

Time To Learn
How To Shoot

I used to use a marketing method when I owned my martial arts school we called the shotgun approach.  In coaching other martial arts school owners, I found the most common question they would ask was: “What is one thing I can do to get twenty new students?”

Now it’s pretty hard to get twenty new students at once.  In fact, it was hard to get that in an entire month.  But everyone wanted that magical thing they could do to get the big result fast.

Do A Lot Of
Different Things

It’s far easier to do twenty things to get one student.  That’s the shotgun approach.  And it worked.

Many school owners would continue to try the one thing to get twenty.  They would end up with none.  Then they’d try another magical one thing to get twenty the next time.  They’d get none.

Meanwhile, I was consistantly doing twenty (or more) things all designed to get one new student.  Sometimes we’d get none.  Other times we’d get two or three.  At the end of most months we’d end up with twenty or so new students.

Typically, the shotgun approach means to target the masses and cover a wide area of the population.  I like to think of it as using a lot of different techniques.  Spraying many things around all targeted to one person.

In the example above, I do one thing with the goal of getting one person to like my page, read my blog, follow me on Twitter, etc.  Now, if I do all sorts of those little things, and I get one person along the way, I can actually build a strong social media presence.

Sometimes The Result
Can Be Huge

The cool thing is that occasionally, one of those little things will turn into a big thing.  You never know which will be the one, but eventually, if I am consistent, something will have a much broader impact.

I created a video that taught how to setup a Facebook page that got thousands of views.  But that was one video I made of many trying to get realistic results.

I like to follow these rules:

1: Do lots of different things

2: Be consistent

3: Add value

4: Repeat

Here is another video I made talking about the previous video I made.



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