Success Secrets From The Worst Team In Football


Day 11 of The Social Media Challenge

Today being Sunday in December, I spent a little time watching Football.  I’m a long suffering fan of the Washington Redskins.  I’m still sitting Shiva for glory days long since passed.

After watching them lose today… yet again, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to their failure and potential failure in this 30 day challenge.  For that matter, failure at anything in life can be illustrated through the trials and tribulations of my once proud team.

What Does A Football Team
Know About
Social Media Content?

When I was a kid the Redskins were a powerhouse.  They had John Riggins, Joe Theisman, an offensive line so big and mean they were called simply “The Hogs”.

Their great coach Joe Gibbs was able to take mediocre players and turn them into champions.  They have a group of grown men so dedicated to their team they wear dresses and hog noses to every game.  They call themselves fittingly, The Hoggets.  And they have the coolest fight song in the NFL: “Hail to the Redskins” that is played by an actual marching band.

They also had the coolest owners in the game.  Jack Kent Cook owned the team all the years I was a fan and I loved this guy.

The Man Who
Ruined My Team

When he passed away, the team went up for sale and was bought by someone who’s name I dare not say.  Not for legal reasons but because he has destroyed my beloved team in such a profound fashion that I actually think he might be evil.  He’s the Voldermort of the NFL.

He’s turned this once storied franchise into a laughing stock.  Not just drawing the ire of Redskins fans but of the entire league for doing some really wretched things including suing a grandmother.

In my opinion, he is solely responsible for over a decade of a new tradition I like to call: sucking worse than anything has sucked before.  Piece by piece he has torn this team down to a band of unlovable losers.

Of course, he didn’t want to do this.  But I believe he did it for the same reasons most people fail at anything.  See, he wasn’t a football guy.  He was a fan of the team but knew nothing about running one.

And there really is nothing wrong with that.  I mean, if had an extra $800 million dollars lying around I probably would have bought the team too.  And I am sure I would have done something stupid like made myself quarterback even though I can’t throw to save my life.  Of course, the first time some 300 pound line backer pile drove me into the ground I’d have probably had enough with that boyhood dream.

You Don’t Know
What You Don’t Know

But the thing is, he should have educated himself.  You want to succeed at something, get educated.

You want to create killer content, educate yourself on your niche.  Understand your product or service better than anyone else on planet Earth.  If an advanced race of experts in your niche from the 24th century time traveled back to now, it should be to seek your advice.

The owner who’s name cannot be spoken didn’t do that.  Instead he surrounded himself with the wrong people.  He made bad decisions out of ignorance.  And the team (and us fans) suffered for it.  But worse, he wasn’t learning from his mistakes.  He just kept repeating them over and over again.

You Have To
Have A Plan

It’s bad enough not to have a plan.  But he wouldn’t stick to it.  Every time something went wrong he fired someone or over paid some new player that was well past his prime.

Being successful in social media and content creation means knowing the right way to do it and going out and executing the plan.  If you stumble, you get back up and keep moving forward.  You don’t fire your head coach just because.

This goes for anything, really.  Want to be successful at virtually anything?  Know more about it than anyone else, stay focused and execute your plan with religious consistency.  And if you know you’ve got a great plan and strategy, keep executing through the failures and set-backs.  You can’t win every superbowl.

The owners who’s name cannot be spoken didn’t live by these important basic fundamentals.  Maybe he’ll figure it out someday and bring my team back to its former glory.  If not, maybe we can find our Harry Potter to send him back to the underworld.

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