The Final Day Of The Social Media Challenge


The Final Day Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


Today is the day! Day 31 of the 30 day challenge.

Technically, yesterday was my last piece of content that I was required to write.  But I decided a calendar month sounded much cooler.

This is $3,100 worth of checks that I didn't have to mail. See Day 6 for details.

I actually started this back on November 30th.  By December 1st I already published content piece number 1 and had 4 articles in the tank.

Thought I’d take today to sum it all up, tie it all together and put an exclamation point on this series.

I started this challenge as a challenge to myself.  A goal.  Something to help me grow and learn.

I decided to do it in broad daylight.  Open for all to see.

Hopefully it served to inspire others to take action.  Hopefully it will continue to inspire people to take a just do it attitude and get started with their own challenge.

The challenge, for me, was to tart a new social media presence from the ground up.  This is a little different for everyone.

For me the main objective of the challenge was to publish one piece of content per day.  I chose a blog as my central content hub.  But Facebook could have been the place I published to.  Of it could have been Youtube.  Or somewhere else.

I like to write so I chose a blog.

To wrap things up nice and tight, I thought I’d make this a simple list of my thoughts as I went through the month and what I’ve learned.  These are pretty much in order but fairly random.

Thanks for reading and participating.  If you finished your own challenge, leave a comment below and share your thoughts too.

The Challenge Wrap Up

This wrap up will also help you navigate back to each day of the challenge.  So if you’re just visiting for the first time, and since blogs list from newest to oldest, you may likely see this first.  Therefore, this is also your table of contents for easy navigation back to the appropriate day.

Here’s an important point: you don’t need to read this in order.  Jump to the section that you think you need.  If you want to setup your blog first, jump to Day 9.

The goal of the challenge is to create and publish a piece of content every day.  This is my content I created each day.  But you can go through it as you see fit.

Pre-Day 1 – Content is KING!  In the coming year, as I write this on the last day of 2011, all signs point to 2012 being the year of content.  If you’re not creating it, and it’s not valuable to your audience, you’re at a disadvantage.

Day 1 – A Central Content Hub is my special place.  Need to define that one place where all your content will go and where it will be shared from.

Day 2 – Find that one thing that will inspire you to follow through with your goals.  Get into a daily ritual that guarantees success.

Day 3 – Get started creating content.  It’s easy to get paralysis by analysis and never get going.  Just do it!

Day 4 – Create you vision.  You must know what your strategy is for the 30 days.  What do you want this to be when you’re done?

Day 5 – The FAQ technique.  The secret to creating a ton of content fast.  Easily publish 25 pieces of content with this.

Day 6 – Bring the pain.  Find something that is more painful than writing your content to use as leverage to get things done.  A punishment for not publishing daily.

Day 7 – Know the key influencers and experts in your niche.  Use them for education, resource and support

Day 8 – You don’t have to write.  You can use any medium you want to create content.  Here’s how to do it with video.

Day 9 – How to setup your blog.

Day 10 – Create your content syndication strategy.  What social media channels will you use?

Day 11 – Working and sticking with your plan.  Don’t lose sight of your overall vision.

Day 12 – The letter writing technique for creating content.  Writing a letter to a person is one of the most intimate forms of writing.  It can be a great model for creating truly valued content.

Day 13 – More on failure.  What do you do when you’re about to veer off track?

Day 14 – Build a strong and powerful bond with your reader.

Day 15 – What does every good social media content strategy need?  Traffic.  Here’s how to start driving traffic to your channels.

Day 16 – Stories sell.  Learn how to use stories to give your content personality and make your points.  People love stories.

Day 17 – Celebrity Engineering.  How social media can turn you into a star.

Day 18 – Rules of engagement.  How to keep your fans yours and get new ones.  Have a solid plan for how you will regularly engage your fans and get new ones.

Day 19 – There are a lot of ways to manage your social media.  Pick the ones that work for you and regularly prepare, implement and analyze.

Day 20 – Book equals expert.  People look at a published author as an expert.  Here’s how you can turn this into a book when you’re done.

Day 21 – Social Media is a lot like networking in the real world.  Always give first and you will receive plenty back.

Day 22 – If you’re going to continue to create content, getting other experts to contribute can be a great strategy.

Day 23 – Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, be inspired by others.  This was a post about Social Media expert Gary Vaynerchuck saying there is no such thing as Social Media.  This is also an example on how another person contributed to my blog.

Day 24 – More tools and tactics for finding and attracting blog contributions.  You can find guest bloggers, crowd source or curate someone else’s content like I did with Gary Vaynerchuck on Day 23.

Day 25 – Here is a crowd sourced blog sample.  I found a couple of experts on Linkedin and asked them to contribute.

Day 26 – How long should your blog post be?  I say, as long as it needs to be but no longer than that.

Day 27 – Getting near the end of the 30 days, I started to reflect back.  What I have gained is a positive addiction and a belief that I can do it no matter what.

Day 28 – The Shotgun approach to Social Media Marketing.  I have many different strategies I use all with very simple expectations.

Day 29 – Who are you creating content for.  Dig deeper into who your audience is.  The more you know about them, the better your content will be.

Day 30 – Get controversial.  Don’t be afraid to use controversy.  As long as you know your audience well, controversy can take your content up a notch and increase engagement.

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