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Day 17 Of
The Thirty Day
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Introduction: I have two reasons for writing this piece today.  First is to show you the power of social media to build celebrity, credibility and profits in your business.  The other reason is to build upon what we covered yesterday in the article about using the story lesson model.

I want you to use what we discussed yesterday to read between the lines and see how this article was constructed.  At the end of the article I will talk more about how I constructed this.

 How I Met Jason

This is also about a way to use social media to generate huge results, it’s not meant to be a do this, get this model.  In other words, what I am showing you here, while you can follow this model exactly to produce (or to try to) the same results, the goal here is to show you the possibilities and open your mind to other ways.

In day 6 of the social media challenge I told you about Jason Silverman’s method for avoiding failure that he made me adopt.  It’s really kept me focused.  I haven’t had to send a single check yet.

What Happens In Vegas
Didn’t Stay In Vegas

I first met Jason in Las Vegas at a convention for martial arts school owners put on by a relatively young industry association.  I was already a member of a brand new program he and his wife had created called Powerful Words.

Their program was a character education licensing program for martial arts school owners.  His wife, Dr. Robyn Silverman Phd., created the content as she was an expert in early child development.  Jason handled all the marketing.

They originally created the program for their own martial arts school which Jason, as a martial artist.  As an early adopter I can tell you it is a must have for any school.

Basically, they create a professional curriculum that school owners can adopt as their own that teaches character education.  This added a huge level of true value for a school.  Essentially it turns a school from a kick/punch sweat box into an educational institute over night.

What this means for the school is instant credibility and authority.  And with that, the school owner can charge a lot more because now they’re not just teaching fighting.  They’re now educating.

So I finally got to meet the folks who’s program I was using in my own school.  There’s was the first booth I actually stopped to talk to.

Shocking No One
Was Killed

They were way in the back on a far corner, hidden from everyone.  So there wasn’t much going on at their table.  Except the incessant ‘thwok’ sound of a throwing knife hitting a piece of wood that the vendor behind them hung from the cloth divider.  Me and Jason immediately bonded over the absurdity of that and my keen observation of what would happen if they missed the piece of wood and a knife came hurling through.  I am still surprised Jason is alive today.

Jason and I were two marketers of a kind.  We both followed the same methods and even had some of the same mentors.  As I grew my school and he grew his program; Powerful Words, we kept in close touch (and still do) over all these years.

The Idea That
Changed Everything

A real stroke of genius was to film Dr. Robyn each month, educating school owners and parents on the character word of the current month.  Each month they shot at least two videos introducing the word, talking about what would be taught and answering questions from parents.

These videos were syndicated to Youtube and some other video sites, social bookmarking sites, Facebook, Twitter and some other strategic places across the web like their blog.  The key thing; they did this consistently for years.  After a short time, there was a lot of great content out there on the internet.

But the power of social media, took it to even higher levels.  They placed it on their channels and then school owners like me would share the video with our social media audience.

As one school owner, I had hundreds of fans.  Imagine the reach with many school owners sharing all this content with their audiences?

And Then Along
Came Tyra Banks

One day, Jason answered a call from producers at the nationally syndicated Tyra Banks Show.   They wanted Robyn to come into the studio and be a guest expert.  They found her on Youtube.

Just going to pause this article for dramatic effect.  They found her on Youtube.

She did a great job on the show so was asked back often.  Then one day a regional Fox News producer asked her to be a guest on their show.

Fast forward to today and Dr. Robyn has been on the Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America and gets calls for others all the time.  It all started with a content driven social media campaign.

Me and Jason talk about every day.  And years after they shot their first video it’s still really exciting to hear what new door has opened for them thanks to their social content strategy.

Maybe this year you’ll have a similar story to tell.  All I know is if you create great content on a consistent basis, great things can happen.


Footnote: This turned out to be a pretty long article.  But the lesson is simple.  If you make great content (in this case, videos) that teach something, you’re well-spoken and you do it regularly, there is a good chance really important people will see it.

But it’s the story that paints the pleasing picture.  The story line here is about how me and Jason met.

There are a lot of things within the story that have nothing to do with what the lesson was about.  But these things move the story forward, build interest, bond reader and writer, and keep people reading.

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