What Do You Do When You Are Facing Certain Failure

Day 13 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge

I have a confession to make.  I have nothing to publish today.  And worst of all, I have a $100 check made out to the last person on Earth I want to send a check to in my hand that I may be mailing soon.  See Day 6 for an explanation.

It’s Tuesday night and we’re closing in on the holidays.  I was at yet another local networking party this evening spreading cheer and talking business.

Never Drink And Write
Unless Writing About Drinking

Of course I left my publishing for after that which was incredibly undisciplined of me.  Had a few drinks at dinner.  Stayed later than I expected.  Had a few more drinks. And before you know it, it’s 10:00 pm and the clock is ticking.  If I don’t publish by midnight, I’ve failed.

Now, in my defense, I have three pieces of content poised and ready to go.  So I got a little cocky figuring I’d just go home and push the button.

But then I started to re-read it and realized it needed a little help.  So I started to tweak it.  Before you know it, the piece had completely changed.  Now I had even more editing to do.

I couldn’t take any of the other pieces to publish tonight because they were building upon the previous post.  Starting to freak out a little.  Haven’t even made it half way through the challenge yet.

Don’t Wait Until
The Last Minute

This really illustrates the importance of having a backlog of content which I talked about in an earlier post.  I do have a backlog, but because they were all related I had to push the entire sequence out an extra day.  Here I am facing failure dead square in the eyes.

So what do you do when you know you’re going to be stuck holding a bunch of lemons as the clock winds down?  Do you make lemonade?  Easy enough but what if you hate lemonade?

The Snowball Effect

When things start going wrong I get stressed.  When I get stressed, things just get worse.

It started out where I was staring at a document.  Before long I felt like I was wearing chain maile armor trying to slay a three headed monster.  It keeps growing and growing until finally it’s out of control.  And the more out of control it gets the more out of control it gets.

Let It Go

Have you ever been so angry you can’t control anything that comes out of your mouth?  Of you get so depressed that you can’t get out of be?  When you get into a certain state of mind, it can be crippling.  The only thing to do at that point is jar yourself out of it.

So I just turned everything off.  Shut down the document I was working on to save for tomorrow when I’ve got my sea legs back.

The first thing to do when facing failure… get real.  I admited my defeat.  And what better way to admit defeat than writing about it.  And low and behold in no time, I’ve got a piece of content.

Well now the excitement is flowing.  The blood is pumping.  Before long I’m in a new emotional state.  One where I’m excited about doing what it is I was trying to do in the first place.

Failure Is Just An
Opportunity For Success

Ok, so this is just one piece of content and wasn’t like I was about to botch brain surgery.  But sometimes little failures can lead to bigger ones.  Before you know it, you give up all together.

If I gave up and didn’t write today, then tomorrow I would be more likely to give up even faster.  Last thing I want to do is condition myself to give in when the going gets tough.

It’s going to get tougher still.  When you’re faced with the inevitable writers block day, what will you do?  How will you react?

I think this is a great question to ask when faced with any kind of failure.  Forcing myself to think about my own failure today enabled me to do the very thing I was about to fail at.

The challenge isn’t over yet.  Many more bumps in the road to come.  But for today, I can go to bed knowing I turned a failure into a success.

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