An Easy Method To Start Writing Your Content Today

Today we’re going to start writing.  If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry about it yet.  Setting up a blog is easy and can be done from setup to blogging in literally five minutes.  We’ll cover that in another post.  For now, let’s start creating content.

And remember, you need to be able to publish one piece of content for 30 days.  So even though we’re not publishing today, we’re going to start writing.

Don’t Get Paralysis
By Analysis

Ever start something and then you don’t follow through?  Or worse yet, you never even get off the ground because you spend way too much time analyzing and planning?  Well, today we’re just going to jump on in and get going.

We’ll come back to the high level planning stuff.  But the important thing is to get moving.  Otherwise we spend so much time thinking and planning that we never get started.  Then it can start to seem overwhelming.  And what happens when things feel overwhelming?  We give up.


A Simple System For
Creating Content

I love simple.  Simple makes everything easy.  And when things are easy, we follow through and have success.

You’re simply going to write answers to several questions to flush things out.  The questions are designed to help you build a piece of content in a step by step method.

If a friend asked you questions about your favorite topic, you would answer each in order.  Likely, they would start off with a very broad answer.  As they asked more questions, they’d get more specific and uncover deeper details of that thing.

If you transcribed your answers, you’d probably have a story that reads very logically, filled with great information, some intrigue, a little humor and interest.  We’re all natural story tellers.  But a lot of times we forget that when we sit down to write.

While you may not yet know what your vision is for the next thirty days, (we’ll cover that in the next few posts), the place to start is with you.  Introduce yourself to your audience in your first content piece.  Or, if you already know your topic, introduce us to it.

One Size Does NOT Fit All
Write The Way You Want To Write

Some people like to start with an outline.  So you can write your headline and sub headlines then fill in the meat later.  I love this process because it creates what’s called a second readership path.  It is how I am writing for this blog.

I have a headline and then I have these sub heads that are little headlines too.  They are designed to break up the page and allow skimmers to get the gist.  They should also stir up interest and make them want to keep reading.  For example:

How To Create A Second Reader Path
That Keeps Your Reader Focused In On You

Then you fill in the blanks and continue writing about what that sub head was about.  This is one method.

Or, you can just write from top to bottom.  Some people are better when they just start and keep going until they’re done.

You may yet have another method.  There really are no wrong ways.  The right way is the way that gets you the best result.

In life, most things have different ways to come about to the same result.  Maybe brain surgery has one way, but I find most things have plenty of different ‘right ways’.  Feel free to share yours in the comments.

There’s More Than One Way
To Skin A Cat Or
How I Passed Math

When I was in college I was having a real hard time with math.  I kept failing out of the class and having to take it again.

Finally made my way to the dreaded Calculus, (which I all but forgot five minutes after the course was over), and I was again failing.  Another kid in the class was having a hard time with it too.  So he invited me to join him at his old high school where his former math teacher offered to tutor us.

She gave us a completely different way to solve the calculations than our professor did.  And this method I understood.  And we aced the test.

Being that the calculations were on the test, the professor thought we cheated.  It took us an hour to educate the man that there is not always just one right way.  I finally put math behind me.  So never be afraid to create your own method.

Answer 8 Questions And
Create Powerful Content

Just answer all these questions in a sentence.  Then go back or continue expanding upon it to build out your paragraphs.

Later, come back and re-write it so it flows.  Keep adding to it until you think you’ve got your final version.

1: What is this about? This is your opening.  Here you write the overview of what it is you’re about to cover in the rest of the piece.

2: What is the reason you’re writing this?

3: What burning question does your reader have that this will answer?

4: How will this benefit your reader/what problems will it solve?

5: What should the reader be doing or how should they feel after they’ve finished reading this?

6: Do you have a story from your life or somewhere else that can illustrate your points?

7:  What do you hope you’ve accomplished for your reader?

8:  What should your reader to now?

Now You’re Ready
To Start Writing

Each time I write I go through this Q&A to kick things off.  Sometimes I end up with ideas that spark the final version.  Sometimes the answers become the final version.  However it turns out for you, it’s a lot better than staring at a blank sheet of paper.

If you go through what I just wrote and compare it to my Q&A’s, you’ll see it fits nicely within this mold.  You may find that your finished piece looks nothing like this when you’re done as you will likely proof read it, make grammatical changes, have new ideas and tighten everything up.  But this will be a great starting point especially if you have a hard time writing.

Now it’s your turn.  Go ahead and get started writing.


How To Never Fail – Let the Social Media Challenge Begin

So here we are, day 2.  If you have not read the introduction to the challenge or day 1 post, you should do that first.

Today you need to get started with the mindset first.  One of the biggest downfalls to success for me, in almost any endeavor I’ve ever tried and failed at, is that I just didn’t follow the steps.  I dove right in and started where I wanted to and then skipped the boring stuff.  I’m a little impatient.

The Big Secret:
Why People Really Fail

The times I follow every step, I succeed.  It’s almost impossible to fail when you follow a tried and true process.  So please do each step.  Give it the appropriate amount of thought and effort.  Think of each step here as a part.  You take one part at a time, in the correct order to assemble the model airplane.

Eventually, you will get to a point in this process where you start creating content.  Most people will want to skip this boring planning stuff and dive into the fun content creating stuff.  But they lack the road map that came in the begining.  Then they’ll get discouraged because the efforts won’t get the results they want.  They’ll blame me.  But rest assured, it will be because they started building the model airplane from the middle; the fun part.

You’ll have plenty of writing to do.  Our goal will be to write every single day.  First, we need to get some really important steps done.

The Ugly Truth:
A Personal Admission

One of the curses that social media managers have is that we’ve got to be creative.  So this step is creating a process that will allow for maximum creativity.  The goal is to get ourselves into fighting shape.  Peak performance requires peak condition; mentally and physically.

I really let myself go over the years.  I weigh more than I ever have (my weight has rarely ever gone down).

At six foot, and at my heaviest ever, I weighed in at 240 pounds.  At that height and weight I am considered obese.

My biggest issue is that I have developed pre-diabetes.  This is actually my first public admission of this by the way.

I’ve had high cholesterol and high triglycerides for probably almost 20 years.  So pre-diabetes is no surprise really.

The sad part is I have never been able to change my lifestyle for more than 2 weeks at a clip.  That’s a recipe for disaster and yes, at 44 I am starting to get concerned.  And yes, I should have been concerned 20 years ago.  Whatever happens, I’ve probably got it coming.

The Big Reason I Am Being Honest
And Why You Should Too

Why am I telling you this?  Two reasons.  The first is that if you’re going to create truly great content you have to be willing to be open and honest.

People are not stupid.  They’re quite savvy these days to marketing tricks and slick manuevers.  And they’re getting more sophisticated every day.

So to try to fake people out with marketing BS is a waste of team.  Finding ways to connect with people honestly and sincerely will create a much deeper connection.

The second reason I am telling you this is that it’s all connected.  I’ve gotten myself so bad with my blood sugar that I have no choice any longer but to turn it around.

One of the symptoms of high blood sugar is exhaustion.  I was always tired.  It has become a struggle to do anything.  The more tiring the activity the harder it was.

It became a cycle.  I was tired so I didn’t have the energy to do the things I needed to do to feel better.  And the more I let this go, the worse it got.

I finally just went cold turkey into the diabetic diet.  Which is a great diet for anyone, by the way, not just diabetics.

When I Feel Great
I Accomplish Great Things

Very quickly that week I was able to reduce my blood sugar.  As soon as it fell below a certain point, my energy started coming back which resulted in me doing more work and better work.

Hot Air Balloon While Writing About Social Media ContentAnthony Robbins is one of my favorite motivational speakers.  He talks a lot about the connection between physiology and psychology.  And having eaten my – (as I was typing this I looked up and saw a hot air balloon go right over my house.  So I ran out to have a look.  Not that you care but it was pretty cool.) – way into a predicament where I was almost unable to operate, I can tell you first hand he couldn’t be more right.

If you feel physically poor, everything you do will follow suit.  Not that I didn’t produce top work.  I had no choice.  But it took me twice as long and was laborious and often painful to accomplish.  The result is I was either working or sleeping.

So to produce the best work in the fastest amount of time, my body needs to be functioning properly.  Can’t poor high fructose corn syrup into a car’s gas tank and expect it to run.  Can’t do it to our own engine either.

The 30 Day Challenge For Me
Is About Much More Than Just Writing

So this 30 days isn’t just about writing.  It is about immersing myself into a project.  Thus, I’ve made fitness a part of the process.

That process is healthy eating to fuel my body.  A morning walk while listening to the motivational speaker of the day to wake up and fuel my mind.  It’s so important to put good things in.

As soon as I finish, I will write one piece of content.  Inspiration will not just come from preparation which we get into tomorrow, but from what I am doing immediately prior to writing.

What Will Your Pre Writing
Ritual Be For Maximum Impact?

This is part of it.  Pick your own pre-writing ritual.  And do it all first thing.  Make it a priority and get it done first.

It doesn’t need to be walking for you.  But you should do something that will get you motivated, stimulate your mind and get your body in the proper state.  It can be anything that works for you personally.

Funny thing is, I used to not exercise because I felt like I was taking time away from work.  After all, ya gotta work, right?  But if I get up and just sit down in front of my computer to write, I don’t.  I first check emails, then Facebook, then emails again.  I then try to start writing but I can’t because I am trying to force it.

So I waste time.  I do other things.  I come back to the writing but then have to change my focus.

In the end, the piece gets written but it takes 4 hours.  And it is only an average piece that now needs to be re-written.

But now I’ve taken too much time so I need to work longer.  I get run down because I am working too much, don’t spend enough time with my family.  Then I get frustrated.

What This Really Is:
How To Get More Done

If I get up and walk listening to a motivational speaker on my ipod, it takes about an hour.  Then I come back and sit down to write and I can then churn out a piece that needs only minor editing in 30 minutes.  I end up feeling pumped because I accomplished something.  I work less and I feel great.

So that’s my ritual.  I get up and plug in the ipod and do either an hour walk or half hour on the elliptical.  And if I don’t feel ready to write, I keep moving until I do.

Then I make a big pot of tea (because I am a tea-aholic) and then I get to writing.  Now you need to find that ritual for yourself that will get you into the perfect mental and physical state for writing.

Today’s assignment, write it out.  What will you do to prepare yourself.  Again, this is not necessarily to publish.  Although, write it like you will publish it.  But do something to pump you up first…

See ya tomorrow!


Welcome to My 30 Day Social Media Challenge

Mike Brooks - Social Media ExpertWelcome to my personal 30 day social media challenge.  The goal is simple: to build a social media presence in one month.  Go from zero to hero in 30 days.

It all begins here with this blog that you’re reading right now.  As a social media manager, and a person who also teaches people to do the same, I’ve had the opportunity to see hundreds upon hundreds of great social media examples.  By far, the ones who truly win are those who create their own unique content.

That’s what a blog is great for.  It’s the most widely used tool to consistently create unique, interesting and attractive content.  Whether a written blog, video blog, podcast blog or other type, this is the centerpiece for my social media strategy here.

To me, social media is as simple as this: create content and share it over your social channels.  Do that consistently with laser focus and you’ll find success.

So the first step in the process is to create a central content hub.  Mine is this blog.  But it doesn’t have to be a blog.  It can be right on Facebook.  It can be on Twitter.  It can be on your website.  It is simply the place where your content goes.  Then all other channels are used to share (or syndicate) that content.  It’s that simple.

The Central Content Hub Defines Your
Social Media Strategy

So what I’ve decided to do is start a social media campaign from scratch and document it as I go.  The content is actually going to be me sharing the process of doing what I’m doing.  Boy that sounds confusing.

Here’s another way to put it… To attract people to your social media you must be doing something that is attractive to them.  You must create high value content.  More than sharing what you had for dinner the night before or a funny video you saw, the winners in the game of social media are the ones who create content that is so important that their target audience has no choice but to consume it.

So to do it right, you need to plan on creating something for your audience that they really need and greatly desire.  Then offer it to them for free.  That’s an irresistible offer.

Give Your Audience What They Want
And You Will Be Rewarded

My audience is people who manage social media.  What they want (tell me if I’m wrong) is to learn more about social media.  To always get new ideas that will help them succeed at their job.  And to find new communities of other social media managers.

So I decided a great piece of content that I feel this audience would love, is to see an expert (that’s me) build a social media campaign from the ground up.  To see all the behind the scenes details of how it’s done so that they can take and use them in their own campaigns.  If I can provide this, people will find this and want to come back for more.

Join The Challenge And
Create Amazing Content

My challenge to you… play along at home.  Do what I am doing.  Join me in this challenge.  Because I do believe if you do, you will have something amazing when you’re done.

It’s not hard.  It just takes consistent focus and consistent action.  I am going to help with the focus by showing you exactly what to do.  All you need to do is take the action.

Now this is the official day one.  Yesterday was just to tell you what it was so you can decide if you want to do it.  Since you’re here now, I am assuming you do.  And that means it’s time to write.

Here Is How You Get Started

Your first task is to write about why you want to do this.  It doesn’t need to be long.  But this is the process of beginning to plan.  To do that, you need to get some clarity on what you want.

So open up your note pad or grab some paper and start writing.  Tell us, based on what you’ve read so far, why you want to do this, what you hope to accomplish, what you plan to do, etc.

This may never be published.  This may just be for you.  To help get you started, here’s mine:

I am doing this because I want to build a new habit.  And that is to write and publish highly valuable content every single day.  I want to become addicted to doing it and get so good at it that I can churn out content in my sleep.

I want this content to be so valuable to my target audience that they would be willing to walk through fire and climb mountains to get to it.

I want to build a following of loyal readers who contribute and comment.  People who help me build this community without me even asking them to do so.

I want to earn my audiences trust and have them get to know me on a deeper level and like me so that if they ever needed to hire someone to do social media for them, they will think of me first.  Because we do business with people we know, like and trust!

Now it’s your turn.  Go and write about it.  Don’t publish it yet.

Share The Love On Facebook
And Other Social Media

But you should go ahead and talk about this on your Facebook page.  It is as simple as announcing you’re taking a 30 day personal challenge to build your social media brand.  Just a teaser so people know something is coming.  Announcing it to the world will force you to take action.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook page, set one up.  If you don’t know how, make sure to grab my free course on the basics of how to setup your social media by entering your email on this page.  When you do that, you also will get your 30 day motivational emails.

Ok, commercial over.  Now let’s get going and write!

Who Else Wants To Be The Content King In Their Niche?

Prelude To The
Thirty Day Challenge

So you’ve stumbled upon this blog and maybe wondering what it is.  Well, glad to have you here.  This is the very first post in a sequence of 31(ish) posts to be made every single day for 1 month.  The first few posts are going to be introductions.

So I want to take this post, the first one, to tell you what this is so you know if it’s right for you.  The idea here is for you to jump on in and do the challenge with me.

How To Build A Social Media
Presence In 30 Days

So, what this is: the 30 day challenge is to create a social media system for yourself, your business or your brand.  After 30 days, your new social media system will have high value content and position you as an expert (if not THE expert) at what you do.

What we will do: every day for the next 30 days, you will create one piece of content to publish to your social media channels.  The content itself will be on your own blog which you then share on all your social media channels.

The Golden Rule:
Content Is King

Why do this: simple… content is king!  Great content equals instant credibility, celebrity and audience.

Creating unique content that is really truly valuable is probably one of the most difficult things to do.  The better you are at it, the more people will be magnetically drawn to you.

It’s all about communicating and connecting.  Anyone can communicate.  All you need to do is open your mouth or start typing.  The hard part is connecting on a raw, emotional level.

The ones who are the most successful are the ones who can connect the deepest.  When their audience hangs on their every word and will literally do anything for you, you’ve connected.


Learn How To Connect
With Great Content

That’s what you’re going to learn to do during the next 30 days.  If you already know how to do it, great, then this can take you to the next level.

This challenge is for me as much as for anyone else.  I am not just teaching this; I am doing this right along with you.

Who is this for: this is for anyone who wants to manage social media for a business.  Content is everything.  I can’t stress it enough.

Great Content And Social Media:
The New SEO Powerhouse

Google is rolling out algorithm changes that make it more and more important to create high value content that is shared in social media.  This is the new reality.  Well, it’s always been the reality.  People with the best content have always achieved more success in every way.  But the search engines are evolving to the point that people who do not create content will literally not stand a chance.  They will be off the grid.

So this challenge is for people who want to learn how to create this kind of content.  Or want a better or new way.  Or simply want to add another arrow to their quiver.  Or just want a kick in the pants to motivate them.

This program assumes you have a basic knowledge of social media already.  If you don’t, I’ve created a tutorial series that will get you started fast.  It’s called the ‘Quick Start To Social Media Success’ and it teaches you how to do the basics. Like setup a Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and a blog.

Enter Your Email To Get
The Social Media Quickstart Course

Even if you are already an expert, there’s some tips and tricks that you may find helpful.  To get it, just enter your email on the page, (somewhere that you see a place to enter an email).  And of course, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, etc.

The emails will give you the training video series, daily emails that go right along with the 30 day challenge to keep you motivated and on track, and more.  As you get good at creating content, we also want to invite you to contribute here.  Only subscribers have the opportunity to write for this blog.  That is part of my vision; to create a community of people writing, teaching and sharing here.

So your pre-homework is to get yourself up to speed on social media if you’re not.  And even if you are, make sure you’re registered so you can get all the challenge materials as you go.

Thanks for taking this with me.  I look forward to following you!

Editorial Note: I am doing this live without a net so if the emails don’t get to you right away, be patient, they will.

Q&A With Joe Pulizzi On Content Marketing

Social Media Examiner invited Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute to be a guest moderator on their Facebook page today.  For one hour, Joe answered questions live posted by members of the Social Media Examiner page.  SME has thought leaders host Q&A sessions like this one on their page for regularly.

If you’re a social media manager, you likely know these two names already.  If not, you’re in for the introduction of a lifetime.

You can find Joe Pulizzi on Facebook at or Junta42.  And if you’re not a fan yet, go and like this page right now: Social Media Examiner.  Go on, I’ll wait.

The interview was filled with a ton of great information and a hugely valuable tool for any social media manager.  I have aggregated the questions and answers (to the best of my abilities… If I missed any, please leave a comment.) here for easy reference.

Lana Corcoba: What do you think is one of the most engaging possibilities to do a Facebook Fanpage contest (without external or additional help of apps or blogs)?

Joe Pulizzi: The biggest thing that we’ve seen work is actually not topical, it’s consistency.  Whatever contest you decide to do, you should do it regularly…like every Friday for example.  I chatted with a winery recently that has had great… success by doing their contests every Friday at 10am.  Over time, people start to anticipate that.  It’s the same thing with any great content…be consistent (i.e., when does your favorite magazine arrive?).

Maggie McClelland Buerger: How often should you blog? How long should each post be (# words)?

Joe Pulizzi: Great question Maggie.  You blog as often as you can do it – with the resources you have AND valuable, relevant content.  If that means two times, it’s two.  I will say it’s better to increase velocity than decrease, so start with less and perfect that first.  There are no silver bullets.

As for length, again, no silver bullets.  Some say – catchy headline, 300-500 words, lots of bullet points, etc., but that may not be what works for your audience.  For example, some of our best performing posts at Junta42 are well over 1,000 words.  So, find your voice.  Blogs should be as long as they need to be.

Radz Alexander: What implications ‘branded entertainment’ strategies being pioneered by Red Bull and Old Spice do you see having on ‘branded content’?

Joe Pulizzi: First of “branded entertainment” or what I like to call content marketing, has been around for hundreds of years.  John Deere produced a magazine for their customers way back in 1895.  The evolution of that is Red Bull (fantastic iPad magazine) and Old Spice (integrated program) have been doing some amazing things.  BUT, the key here is great storytelling.  We as companies must learn to be the BEST storytellers in our industry…bar none.  Red Bull and Old Spice work because the stories work for the audience they are targeting (Red Bull also produces a great magazine called Red Bull Bulletin).  So, regardless of technology, the best storyteller wins.

Mi Vu: Do you have any ideas of how to get fans to a new Google+ business page? We opened our business here, but seems if nothing is moving so far… Any tips?

Joe Pulizzi: 1.  Determine if Google+ is right for your business.  2.  What are your goals?  3.  What do you want your circle members to do?  4.  Determine your content strategy – what are the stories you are going to share?  5.  Are they original or curated?  6.  Share those stories via your Google+ page.  7.  At the same time, be very active on those pages who are influencers or customers.  8.  Be consistent.

Mia Kristiina: What are some of the best content marketing examples you can think of within the last year?

Joe Pulizzi: I  love these examples.  We put them in a video:

Katrina Thompson-Upton: What kind of posting schedule do you recommend? What are your thoughts on extreme content curation (like Guy K)? Any advice for creating a Holiday promotion content plan?

Joe Pulizzi: Extreme content curation may work for some thought leaders, but it goes horribly wrong for most businesses.  For example, according to Exact Target research, the #1 reason someone will unsubscribe from your brand fan page is because you post TOO MUCH.

As for general posting schedule, as long as the content is outstanding and helpful, do that as consistently as possible every day.

Holiday content plan – Best predictions for 2012 posts for your industry are always a winner.  We are working on ours right now.

Mezzo Zee: I have hosted many virtual events, some free and some with a fee.  The ‘likes’ are high, but the attendance is low.  How does one convert social media followers/fans into event attendees?  Our content is great, and those who have attended have left great testimonies.  Need help getting it to the next level.

Joe Pulizzi: I’ve helped produce over 500 online events in my day and one thing is true…EMAIL is the best at getting people to online events.  So, work to convert your social media followers over to email, then promote the events through email.  With the rise of smartphones, email is as important as ever.  That is probably your most important subscriber channel right now.

Relationship Cafe: We are looking to increase our fan base so that our wall discussions and live events can be more engaging.  What are some no/low cost ways to increase followers/fans/members?  We aren’t only interest in numbers, but actual people interested in our content.  We have seen ways to increase numbers, but we want people who will interact with our page and who are interested in learning how to have healthy relationships of all kinds (family, marriage, dating, friendship, etc.).

Joe Pulizzi: Actually, Social Media Examiner is the best example I’ve ever seen so they should answer this question.  From what they did, build a great online community with great content…be consistent with your content offerings…get active on all y…our influencers social networking sites…follow/fan all influencers…mix the content up between push content and questions (quiz tools).  You may also want to consider starting with an initial push through email…I know a couple businesses that have sent an initial invite through email that has worked (but include a very special offer).


How To Setup Your Google Plus Business Page

Google finally rolled out their pages for business.  And, it’s actually pretty easy to setup.

Basically, all you need to do is login to your personal Google Plus account.  On the left of the page will be a link to setup a page.

You can setup multiple pages.  I set a few up; one for my business, one for my name.  Took all of 4 minutes.

Made a quick tutorial for you where I show the basics.

Guy Kawasaki and The Passing of Steve Jobs

Last night was the kickoff of Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Summit 2011.  I was looking foreward to hearing from the first speaker of the event, Guy Kawasaki.

If you don’t know, Guy worked at Apple from 1983 for many years.  He worked directly with Steve Jobs and considers him one of his greatest mentors.

Ten minutes before Guy was due to begin his talk, he found out Steve had passed away.  Shaken, he went on with the webinar.  Although he shifted course and made the webinar about Steve Jobs.

I personally have to say how brave and professional Guy Kawasaki is for going on under these circumstances.  He is one amazing person.

Social Media Examiner has made this webinar from their paid event available for everyone.  It is about 30 minutes of Guy talking about the early days at Apple and life with Steve Jobs.

Guy Kawasaki on the Death of Steve Jobs from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.


Facebook 2011 Post F8 Changes – Why They Don’t Suck

Facebook 2011 F8 Changes TimelineWe’re only days after the F8 conference where Mark Zuckerberg unveiled new features like the Ticker, the Timeline and a bunch of other things that are seemingly sending their user base into a frenzy of fear.

Yes, I admit it.  Even I’m afraid to turn on my computer over concerns that my very thoughts will automatically appear to the known universe through my status update. But, I am urging people to let it all sink in before they get out the pitch forks and torches and head off to Palo Alto.

Obviously, there’s a ton of controversy out there now over the current tier of changes. Of course, Facebook is no stranger to outcries from their user base. It seems, in fact, that every time Facebook makes a change, there is a rather large contingent of users angered and threatening to quit.

Do a Google search on “Facebook users angry” and you’ll see a trend.

Here’s a couple headlines right off the Google results:

Facebook users angry at changes to site’s home page – Oct 2009

Angry Facebook users search for the exit – May 2010

Angry Birds coming to Facebook… ok, maybe that doesn’t count.

One article from 2010 claimed that Facebook made updates based on complaints and was hopeful it would keep the majority of their 500 million users happy. Today they have 800 million users so I guess it did.

Back in September of 2006, Facebook made a big change that left users concerned about privacy. Many users wanted to be able to opt out of this new feature all together. That new controversial feature was called the news feed.

I am sure Facebook will make updates based on some of the feedback. We’re already starting to see some changes such as a glitch where users could see who has unfriended them.

At the end of the day, I think these changes are going to take Facebook to another level. I am sure in a year or two, when Facebook has over 1 billion users and these changes have faded into the past, we’ll be griping about whatever they’ve changed next. Like a new feature that posts whatever you dream about at night straight into the frontal lobes of all your friends, their friends, your enemies, strangers you’ve brushed by and, just to be safe, all employees of the Department of Homeland Security.

Just as I can’t imagine what Facebook was like before the newsfeed, we will probably all love our timelines and viewing those of our friends. It will become one of those things that just makes sense. We won’t be able to remember what Facebook was like before it.

As I review my own timeline for pending publication with concern about everyone knowing my deepest darkest inner secrets, I realized one very important fact; I’m pretty darn boring. I doubt anyone is going to learn anything very interesting about me. “Hey look, Mike thinks a video about a talking dog is funny”. Snore.

In the meantime if you want to edit some of the more controversial things off of your timeline before it goes public like how many crops you’ve grown in Farmville, here’s a guide to get you started: Facebook timline setup guide from Mashable