An Easy Method To Start Writing Your Content Today

Today we’re going to start writing.  If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry about it yet.  Setting up a blog is easy and can be done from setup to blogging in literally five minutes.  We’ll cover that in another post.  For now, let’s start creating content.

And remember, you need to be able to publish one piece of content for 30 days.  So even though we’re not publishing today, we’re going to start writing.

Don’t Get Paralysis
By Analysis

Ever start something and then you don’t follow through?  Or worse yet, you never even get off the ground because you spend way too much time analyzing and planning?  Well, today we’re just going to jump on in and get going.

We’ll come back to the high level planning stuff.  But the important thing is to get moving.  Otherwise we spend so much time thinking and planning that we never get started.  Then it can start to seem overwhelming.  And what happens when things feel overwhelming?  We give up.


A Simple System For
Creating Content

I love simple.  Simple makes everything easy.  And when things are easy, we follow through and have success.

You’re simply going to write answers to several questions to flush things out.  The questions are designed to help you build a piece of content in a step by step method.

If a friend asked you questions about your favorite topic, you would answer each in order.  Likely, they would start off with a very broad answer.  As they asked more questions, they’d get more specific and uncover deeper details of that thing.

If you transcribed your answers, you’d probably have a story that reads very logically, filled with great information, some intrigue, a little humor and interest.  We’re all natural story tellers.  But a lot of times we forget that when we sit down to write.

While you may not yet know what your vision is for the next thirty days, (we’ll cover that in the next few posts), the place to start is with you.  Introduce yourself to your audience in your first content piece.  Or, if you already know your topic, introduce us to it.

One Size Does NOT Fit All
Write The Way You Want To Write

Some people like to start with an outline.  So you can write your headline and sub headlines then fill in the meat later.  I love this process because it creates what’s called a second readership path.  It is how I am writing for this blog.

I have a headline and then I have these sub heads that are little headlines too.  They are designed to break up the page and allow skimmers to get the gist.  They should also stir up interest and make them want to keep reading.  For example:

How To Create A Second Reader Path
That Keeps Your Reader Focused In On You

Then you fill in the blanks and continue writing about what that sub head was about.  This is one method.

Or, you can just write from top to bottom.  Some people are better when they just start and keep going until they’re done.

You may yet have another method.  There really are no wrong ways.  The right way is the way that gets you the best result.

In life, most things have different ways to come about to the same result.  Maybe brain surgery has one way, but I find most things have plenty of different ‘right ways’.  Feel free to share yours in the comments.

There’s More Than One Way
To Skin A Cat Or
How I Passed Math

When I was in college I was having a real hard time with math.  I kept failing out of the class and having to take it again.

Finally made my way to the dreaded Calculus, (which I all but forgot five minutes after the course was over), and I was again failing.  Another kid in the class was having a hard time with it too.  So he invited me to join him at his old high school where his former math teacher offered to tutor us.

She gave us a completely different way to solve the calculations than our professor did.  And this method I understood.  And we aced the test.

Being that the calculations were on the test, the professor thought we cheated.  It took us an hour to educate the man that there is not always just one right way.  I finally put math behind me.  So never be afraid to create your own method.

Answer 8 Questions And
Create Powerful Content

Just answer all these questions in a sentence.  Then go back or continue expanding upon it to build out your paragraphs.

Later, come back and re-write it so it flows.  Keep adding to it until you think you’ve got your final version.

1: What is this about? This is your opening.  Here you write the overview of what it is you’re about to cover in the rest of the piece.

2: What is the reason you’re writing this?

3: What burning question does your reader have that this will answer?

4: How will this benefit your reader/what problems will it solve?

5: What should the reader be doing or how should they feel after they’ve finished reading this?

6: Do you have a story from your life or somewhere else that can illustrate your points?

7:  What do you hope you’ve accomplished for your reader?

8:  What should your reader to now?

Now You’re Ready
To Start Writing

Each time I write I go through this Q&A to kick things off.  Sometimes I end up with ideas that spark the final version.  Sometimes the answers become the final version.  However it turns out for you, it’s a lot better than staring at a blank sheet of paper.

If you go through what I just wrote and compare it to my Q&A’s, you’ll see it fits nicely within this mold.  You may find that your finished piece looks nothing like this when you’re done as you will likely proof read it, make grammatical changes, have new ideas and tighten everything up.  But this will be a great starting point especially if you have a hard time writing.

Now it’s your turn.  Go ahead and get started writing.


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