5 Reasons You Need To Know The Experts In Your Field

Day 7 Of The Thirty Day Social Media Challenge

If your goal is to be considered an expert in your field, one thing is for sure; you better know who the other experts are.  Not only should you want to know who they are, you should also want to get on their radar.

If you’re working the 30 day social media challenge, and I hope you are, today we’re going to challenge you to find out who these key players are.  This takes a little digging sometimes but it is well worth it in the long run.  Here are 5 reasons you want to know who your experts are.

1: The Experts Will Give
You Content To Use

If you look on this blog you’ll see where I took the transcript from a great Q&A session that Joe Pulizzi or the Content Marketing Institute hosted.  In fact, here is the blog post: Q&A With Joe Pulizzi On Content Marketing.

Now, first of all, this was an incredibly valuable piece of content that I believe was well worth blogging about.  I honestly felt it should be shared.  So I shared it.

But the best part of this was, I took a piece of content that was already written.  I had to edit it because it wasn’t done as a blog post; it was on Facebook.  So I re-formatted it and put it into a blog post.

In the post, I gave full credit with links to the owners.  I explained why I was doing what I was doing and when I was done, I had a unique piece of content that had amazing value and it took me very little effort.

Afterwards, I also asked permission of the two authors.  One of the authors gave me a shout-out on his Facebook page which drove visitors to my blog.

2: The Experts Will Turn
You Into An Expert

Obviously, by reading the experts in your field, you’re going to build your own knowledge base.  Not just on the topic though.

A great thing about social media is that we can now easily see things that we used to have to hire focus groups to learn.  We can not only see the content they write but we can see which get the most likes.  We can see which get a lot of comments and the kinds of comments they get.

You’ll also be able to see how they promote their content.  What different social media channels do they broadcast to?  What sources seem to bring the most traffic back to the main source?

There are endless possibilities to learn from your experts about your topic.  But digging under the covers will give you a great deal of insight.

3: The Experts
Will Help You

I recently interviewed Mari Smith who is one of the top Facebook experts out there (she just released a new book called ‘The New Relationship Marketing‘).  She was very gracious to have done this with me.  (You can get this interview when you enter your email on this page, by the way.)

Years ago, a friend of mine got a job as a private chef for Bobby Bonilla who was a Baseball player for, at the time, my favorite team the New York Mets.  I got to go to a lot of games in luxury that year.  I even got to get my heart broken at the playoffs live and in person instead of the way it’s usually broken; on TV.

But the interesting thing to me is the instant fame association people make.  I am with a famous ball player so I must in some way be famous too.  It’s silly to think it happens, but it does.

The same thing happens here.  When you are endorsed in some way by an expert in your niche, you will instantly become an expert by association to many.  Not to all, but to a lot.

Now, it is important to do this genuinely.   I really wanted to interview Mari because I like her and think she’s an amazing resource who I wanted to share with my followers.  If I asked to interview her for nothing more than my own personal gain, she would have seen right through that.

If your heart is in the right place, your goal is unselfish and you have value to add, many experts in your niche will want to help you succeed.

Just remember, people want to be around, help and do business with people that they know, like and trust.  You gain much more in life by giving.

4: The Experts Will
Motivate You

It is always inspiring to see what others have accomplished.  If they can do it, so can you or me.  So where there is success already, there are possibilities for anyone else.

If you want to become an expert then eventually these people will be your peers, right?  So why not start thinking of them that way now?

Peers are there to lift each other up.  They are there to provide inspiration and motivation.

5: The Experts
Provide Community

In this day and age of social media, most top experts in about any niche probably have a huge following.  They may have a ton of people on their Facebook page.  Maybe they’ve got tens of thousands of loyal Twitter followers.  Maybe they have a forum or a blog.

These can be fantastic communities of the very people you’re looking to connect with.  They are already out there congregating in plain sight.

You can comment and post to these social media channels.  If you offer interesting insights, people will take a peek at your channels to see what you’re all about.  And once they’re there, you now have the opportunity to convince them to follow you too.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about spamming someone’s Facebook page to trick their followers to like you.  That’s never met with success.

You must approach this as we’ve been discussing all along this challenge.  You have to provide high quality content.  If you do that, people will come.

In the social media world, Social Media Examiner is a great educational resource.  They also provide other social media managers a great community.

I hope this motivates you to get out there and learn about the experts in your field.  And if you’ve already done it, maybe you’ll find some new ones or some new ways to think about how you can utilize their expertise.

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