Another Reason For The Thirty Day Social Media Challenge Revealed


Day 20 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


So you’re two thirds of the way through.  Today, I feel it’s time to reveal my ulterior motive that I’ve kept hidden.

I hate to keep secrets but there was a very good reason for it.  See, by now, if you’ve been doing the challenge with me, you’ve got momentum.  You’ve got a bunch of content.  And you have probably found the whole process to be much easier and even, dare I say it, more fun than you might have initially thought.

If I told you about this first you’d probably have had the same things occur for you that it did for me in the past.  You’d feel overwhelmed and never have even started.  Been there, done that.

How To Achieve
Instant Credibility,
Authority And Celebrity

My ulterior motive… I am writing a book.  In fact, this is the book.  When it’s completed, it will have 31 chapters.

Now, for the purpose of the blog, it was not always done in order.  And there may be more in the book than here.  But for the most part, once I’m done with this challenge; the book is 99% done.

This approach was, for me, designed specifically to create an expert book on how to create social media content.  But if I attacked it as writing a book, I never would have even started.  I know, I’ve tried.  I have started many a book.  Each one seemed so enormously over whelming that I just gave up either before I started or a few chapters in.

This Person Changed
My Perspective About
Writing A Book

I borrowed and followed the method taught to me by my copywriting teacher; John Carlton.  He is arguably the best or one of the best sales copywriters living on planet Earth.  And he’d even tell you so himself.  All joking aside, he really is.  And I’m only half joking.

I always remembered something he said.  It was simple and powerful.  Book equals expert.  I think he followed that up by saying ‘Write that down, Bucko!’

Even My Dog
Can Do This

Think about it, when you see that someone has written a book, don’t you give them just a little more credibility than the average Joe?  Maybe a lot more.  And if you’re the rare person who doesn’t, trust me, most people do.

The thing is, anyone can write a book.  My dog can write a book.  Well, he won’t write it himself.  He’d hire a ghost writer.  Or, if he’d stop getting into the garbage every time I turn my back, I’d even spring for the ghost writer myself.  That and self-publishing on Amazon or any one of the other services that do it for you mean my dog can be a published author.

All you need to publish a book these days is a bunch of words put together in a somewhat logical fashion.  Actually, it’s quite possible you don’t even need to do that.  See most people won’t even read it.  The effect is still the same, however.

Now I highly recommend you make sure that you have words in your book.  Lots of them.  The above was just to illustrate a point.

People just automatically assign expert status to someone who has written a book.  And if you want to be considered an expert in your business niche, then writing a book can be a tremendous boost.

You’ve Already
Written Most Of It

Now trying to write a book is going to seem daunting at best.  But when you tear it down into its basic chunks, what you have is a sequence of single pieces of content.  Like blog posts.  Hmm…

And now that you’re twenty days in, and you (hopefully) have been creating content daily, you have a future book.  You need to take a few more steps before you can publish like formatting, creating your table of contents, index, bibliography, cover art, graphics or any other book type things you want to include.

But the really hard part is done.  And that is creating the vision and content.  Pretty cool, eh?

How To Write A Book
With Audio Or Video

Now you may be saying, “But gosh darnit, Mike Brooks… you told us we didn’t have to create written content so we made an audio or video blog”.  Have no fear.  All you need to do is slide on over to, or any other place you can hire a person and have it all transcribed.

There’s certainly more things you can do, but it really is just that easy.  You can even go get all your friends and family to buy it all at the same time and become an Amazon bestseller.  Albeit that will probably only last for a few minutes.  But now you can say you’re a best selling author… wink wink.  I’m only ha

So don’t stop now.  Keep going and finish this challenge up.  While you don’t have to publish this as a book, if you want to, you have the option.

Besides, if my dog can do it, so can you!

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