Getting Other People To Write Content For You

Day 22 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge

Today we’re going to pick up where we left off yesterday and talk about leveraging the power of our network to create content for us or with us.  We’re going to follow the rules we talked about yesterday.  We’re going to come at this from a true givers gain philosophy.

There Are People
Who Want You To
Use Their Content

Remember the movie Tom Sawyer from the early 70’s?  I loved that movie when I was a kid.

One of my favorite parts was when he tricked his friends into painting the fence for him.  He pretends that it is more fun than anything.  Then he allows the others to paint only if they give him payment of a snack.

We’re not going to ‘Tom Sawyer’ anyone into doing our work for us.  We’re going to help others.

There are a lot of people out there on the Internet trying to get their content noticed.  They’re tying like crazy to build their own audience and following.  What better way to help people like this than to feature their expertise with no strings attached.

Beware The Spammers
And Scammers

The difficult part comes in finding these people.  Because out there on the Internet are also lots of lazy marketers.  They want to hit home runs without ever having to pick up a bat.

Scammers and spammers abound.  You have to cut through the very loud noise to find the diamonds in the rough.

These are the folks who are, first of all, creating their own unique content as opposed to buying prewritten junk or paying someone to write for them and taking credit for it.  Or even worse, they’re plagiarizing someone else’s hard work.

Stay Away From
These Types

Then there are the blatant self-promoters.  They only want to promote their own agenda at every turn.  While I am all for giving people credit and helping promote them, you don’t want someone who is only in it for themselves doing nothing more than plugging their stuff.

It takes work to find the really good ones because there are so many of the bad ones in the online space.  Something about the Internet that attracts the get rich quick, do nothing crowd.  Don’t mean to hurt feelings if that’s your plan.  But it’s a poor model on which to build a real business.

People will operate in ways online that they would never dream of in face-to-face meetings.  Imagine meeting someone in a networking environment who without introduction tells you they have a white paper that you should read?  And that you just need to give them your email address to get it?

Build Relationships That
Benefit All Involved

Following the rules we talked about yesterday will give you a real advantage.  Take the time to build real meaningful relationships and you will have powerful allies in your network.  Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and continued effort.

In this 30 day stretch that I’ve been following the challenge, my goal was to write my own content every day.  But the objective as I see it is really to publish one piece every day.

So if you decide you don’t want to write every day, that’s just fine.  But you must publish.  Finding someone to write the content as a guest blogger for you is perfectly acceptable.

Build Your Brand
By Reciprocating

The other side of the coin is that you may find yourself writing as a guest for someone else.  The very first time I reached out to people looking for a guest blogger, I was asked to write for their blog.

First off, I saw this as an incredibly generous gesture on her part.  While most of the other people I asked were busy trying to show me how important they were, she was building a relationship.

So I built a relationship with a person who can not only write great content for me but I can write for her.  Since she has nice traffic on her blog, I will reap a nice reward if my article is good.

Take Away Any Hurdle
Or Barrier For Them
To Contribute

Tomorrow we’ll cover tactics and tools for finding other people to provide content for you.  Before we do that, you need to understand the overall method for finding people as we discussed above.  But you also need to understand what you want from them.

The easier you make it for people, the more they’re going to see that you really do care.  And the more they see you care, the more they will care.

Some things to consider are:

  • Topics you want
  • Specific details on style and length of article
  • What you need from them – picture, by-line, website to link back to, resource box
  • Deadline
  • Resources that may help them

The easier you make it for them to write for you, the easier it will be to get great content from them.  And the more your network of people who can write for you and who you can write for grows.  The more successful you’re social media and theirs will be.

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