My Interview With Triberr’s Dino Dogan

Triberr Is Wicked Cool

The other day I jumped on Skype with Dino Dogan, creator of Triberr, and recorded the whole thing.  It was a blast.

Triberr is one ingenious little tool.  I will let Dino explain it in the audio below in more detail.  But if you have never heard of it, you become a member of a tribe with other bloggers in your niche.  Everyone promotes everyone elses’s blog posts.  Brilliant!

Instant readers, promoters, comrades, commentators, network, advisers, trusted allies.

It is just under a year old and mark my words, if you are unfamiliar with Triberr now, you won’t be for long.  I feel it is going to exceed even Dino’s wildest expectations.

It has always been invite only but, as I write this, it is open to the public today.  Anyone can go register right now and you should if you write a blog.  If you don’t write a blog… go start writing a blog and then register.

Technical Glitches Be Dammed!

Aside from Skype dropping us 3 times, we spent over an hour talking about everything from The UFC to starting Triberr to the future of Social Media.

I had gone back and fourth on how I wanted to present this interview to people.  At first I was thinking I’d use it as a ‘free bribe’ to get folks (like you) to join my mailing list.  Still will do that (if you want the unedited version that you can listen to on your own computer, burn on a CD, load on your Ipod or print as 1’s and 0’s enter your email…).  I was also thinking of transcribing and posting it here for folks to read.

But the thing is, Dino is a cool dude and he’s got a great personality that is just infectious.  So, I decided to embed the audio right here, in it’s entirety for your listening pleasure.

Get This

If you want the unedited version of this where Dino and I wax poetic about martial arts and other nonsense for a good ten minutes, join my mailing list somewhere on this page.  And don’t worry, not only won’t I spam you, it is highly likely I will even forget to send you the recording.  Just being honest.


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  1. hey folks, doesn’t Mike have an awesome voice. I told him he should d more of these podcasts.

    Thnx for hosting me, Mike. This was a blast.

  2. Thanks Dino! I was so congested from a cold. I sound like Horshack normally.

  3. Dear Mike and Dino ~ Many thanks for recording this informational session. It helps us to understand the mechanisms and benefits of Triberr. It has always baffled me to understand how to use this system. I’m still learning and I love tutorials. The best thing that’s going on now are the chat streams, so that tribe members can leave messages and receive in the emails to keep a conversation going about our direction.

    I love the way the tweets and links to web blogs gets posted to Twitter. However, I will send this concern about how Google will find a way to penalize through their algorithms [Re: Panda] this type of mechanism.

    My recommendation for triberr posts from the many members for the future is that the tweet can be spaced out, rather than everyone bam “hitting” that same tweet all at the same time.

    I say this because I see a rating score on my blog and I believe it has an algorithm that takes into consideration many types of erratic behavior. So, if suddenly there is a blast of people visiting a blog, then jumping off the page [bounce] this could be a red light signal some fishy activity is going on.

    These are my only thoughts. Otherwise, I’m so impressed with what you have created here.

    Again, I would love a section of tutorials with demonstrations how to navigate and use all the functions. Good luck with the new open to public Triberr.

    Blessings to Dan and Dino,

  4. Hi Debby,

    Interesting thoughts. There is more to it though. The behavior you’re referring to is a natural behavior and I don’t think Google will penalize on that. At least not alone.

    Here’s the thing, a site like Mashable, Social Media Examiner, WebPronews and any site of the like publishes something and people barrage Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, etc with status updates all at once. they still rank very highly.

    the big key is bounce rate. And that is a quality thing. (Please don’t take offense by this) but if people are coming to your site and bouncing away that is an indicator to google that it is low quality and the traffic was manufactured. But if a ton of traffic comes and people stick, google will think it’s a rockin’ site. That’s not to say your content isn’t good, it just isn’t connecting with all the folks coming to the site. Could be because they are wrong audience, they don’t like that topic, or any number of reasons.

    Your big challenge is to figure out why they are bouncing and fixing it. If people come and stay, it won’t matter how you drive traffic.

    Of course, I am speaking for myself here and not for Dino or Triberr.

  5. Hi Debby,
    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been doing SEO for 10 years. Been in house, multiple agencies and have led the SEO for some of the largest brands in the world. So when we considered how Triberr would work we of course took SEO into consideration.

    We can talk details, but the short of it is that Triberr is quite safe as far as SEO goes. Tribe up with quality, similar writers and your organic rankings will prosper because of it.

    Always happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Hit me up on twitter @dancristo

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