Secret To Publish 20 Or More Blog Posts Fast

Now that you’ve gone through some exercises to get yourself motivated, create your vision and, I hope, even written your first few pieces, you need to plan what to write about the rest of the month.  By the end of this article, you should have a lot, if not all, your blog posts mind mapped out.

The Reason Most People Fail

A big problem many people face when they’re trying to create content for themselves or their clients is how to keep the momentum.  They write a couple pieces then all the sudden they’re scratching their heads trying to come up with content.

The big reason they stop is because there is no plan.  There’s no layout to follow that has a logical, connected path that is simple to follow.

This is all about creating a plan.  This is about creating a simple roadmap that use to crank out great content very quickly.

This Is A Great Method
But There Are More

Now there are a lot of ways to do this.  And as we continue on the Thirty Day Social Media Challenge, we’ll explore others.  But this is one of my very favorite methods that I use not only for myself, I run my clients through this as well.

I can’t take all the credit for this because I first learned it from Mike Keonigs of Traffic Geyser.  (Full disclosure: that link is an affiliate link so if you became a client of them I would get a commission).  This is part of a strategy that Mike uses to teach how to create massive amounts of content very quickly.

Mike advocates using this with video.  But the great thing is, it can be used for any kind of content creation.

This Simple Method
Can Generate
20 Different Topics 

It’s quite simple actually.  (Isn’t it amazing, by the way, how often some of the most profound methods are pretty easy?).  Take the 10 most frequently asked questions you get and the 10 questions people should ask you and answer them.  It can be more or less, but that’s the idea.

Now here’s the thing, if people are asking these questions on a regular basis about what it is you do, then you’ve got high interest content.  These are things people want to know.  Therefore it already has a high level of interest.  And that’s exactly what we want.

What Do Your Readers
Want To Know About You?

Take out a sheet of paper or open your word processor and list as many as you can for each.  If you can only do 5, that’s great.  If you can do more than 10, keep going:

1: Frequently asked questions – These are the top questions that you are continually asked about your product or service
2: Should ask questions – These are the top questions your customers should be asking

If you come up with 10 for each, you will have 20 powerful topics.  Now simply order them logically.  These can literally become your table of contents.

This Makes It
Much Easier To Write

Now go back and write your answers for each of them the same way you would if you were face to face with your prospect or customer.  Your answer is your individual blog post.  This one exercise alone could create 20 unique pieces of content.

As I mentioned, there’s other ways to come up with ideas and concepts for your content.  We’ll explore them later.  But here is a method to get you moving very fast.

Do you have one to share? Post yours in the comments below.

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