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Day 24 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


Today we’re going to pick up where we left off yesterday and the day before.  In this multi-part blog post we’re getting into the subject of leveraging other people to create content for you.  Today we’re going to dive into tools and tactics for finding content contributors.

There are three main methods that I like to use:

1: Guest Blogging – Here you find a person who will write an entire article for your blog.  Or, you can also write for their blog to build your brand and drive traffic back to your own blog.

2: Crowd Sourcing – Here you look for a short comment or quote from other people.  Many people contribute smaller pieces that you can then put together into a blog post.

3: Curated Content – This is something someone else wrote that you share with your community.   You can take one or many blog posts written by others and talk about and share them with your community.

It goes without saying that with each of the three methods, you must give proper credit to the author.  Linking back to their website or blog is standard practice.

Big Dogs To
Newbies Are Welcome

When I first started doing this, I looked for the superstars to help me out.  Why not?  If they help you, it can really put you on the map.

But the problem is, when you’re new to the game and have nothing to give in return, (like traffic back to their blog), you may hear a lot of no’s or just get ignored altogether.  But every now and then you may hear a yes.  And that one person can help by driving their traffic to you.  Never hurts to ask.

Don’t forget, the superstars all started at the beginning.  There was a time when they were no one too.

Finding future superstars makes getting a yes much easier.  And the more yes’s you hear the easier it will be to get more content.  And likely the good ones will work really hard to give you great stuff.  After all, they want to be superstars someday.

Methods For
Finding Contributions


This is an absolute treasure trove of talent and resources.  This social network was built to connect business professionals with each other.  Facebook and Twitter are great but for business networking; Linkedin is ‘It’.

Status Updates – Talk about your project here to attract contributors within your own network.

Groups – Join a group that matches your topic of choice.  Participating in discussions will build up your credibility and attract others to connect with you.  You can start discussions inviting people to contribute to your blog.

Answers – This feature is a great crowd sourcing tool.  You may find questions already exist for your specific topic.  All you need to do is get permission from the people who answered to use their comments.  Ask your own question to crowd source your project.

It takes some practice to find the correct way to engage people so the responses are what you want.  The best way to learn how it’s done is to join groups, read discussions and answers by others.

People in your offline network

Personally, I have a lot of people I network with locally.  I also have my clients.

I’ve tuned my ear to really listen to people when I speak to them.  When I hear someone offering something in conversation that I think would be good, I’ll write it up and then show it to them for approval.

People in your online network

Through all of my social networks I am connected to several thousand people.  And they all know other people.  My connections run wide and deep and yours probably do to.

On Day 7 of the challenge I talked about an interview I did with Mari Smith.  She was in my online network so I reached out to her.  Simple as that.

Your email list

Do you have a list?  If not, you should start building one.

A simple email to your list asking for contributors or help on a post may lead you to a lot of great responses.  If they’re on your list, your rate of response should be pretty high since you’ve already cultivated a relationship with them.

Blog Stampede is a crowdsourcing tool that I use occasionally.  You can actually add code into your blog that automatically shows all the contributions you like.  I like to use this with my email list a lot but you can use it in conjunction with any method.

You’re Turn

What do you think?  Did I miss anything?

Let’s do a little crowdsourcing right now and leave your comments below.  Tell us what your method is. Next post I will share the results from my crowdsourcing I’ve already done on this topic.


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