Welcome to My 30 Day Social Media Challenge

Mike Brooks - Social Media ExpertWelcome to my personal 30 day social media challenge.  The goal is simple: to build a social media presence in one month.  Go from zero to hero in 30 days.

It all begins here with this blog that you’re reading right now.  As a social media manager, and a person who also teaches people to do the same, I’ve had the opportunity to see hundreds upon hundreds of great social media examples.  By far, the ones who truly win are those who create their own unique content.

That’s what a blog is great for.  It’s the most widely used tool to consistently create unique, interesting and attractive content.  Whether a written blog, video blog, podcast blog or other type, this is the centerpiece for my social media strategy here.

To me, social media is as simple as this: create content and share it over your social channels.  Do that consistently with laser focus and you’ll find success.

So the first step in the process is to create a central content hub.  Mine is this blog.  But it doesn’t have to be a blog.  It can be right on Facebook.  It can be on Twitter.  It can be on your website.  It is simply the place where your content goes.  Then all other channels are used to share (or syndicate) that content.  It’s that simple.

The Central Content Hub Defines Your
Social Media Strategy

So what I’ve decided to do is start a social media campaign from scratch and document it as I go.  The content is actually going to be me sharing the process of doing what I’m doing.  Boy that sounds confusing.

Here’s another way to put it… To attract people to your social media you must be doing something that is attractive to them.  You must create high value content.  More than sharing what you had for dinner the night before or a funny video you saw, the winners in the game of social media are the ones who create content that is so important that their target audience has no choice but to consume it.

So to do it right, you need to plan on creating something for your audience that they really need and greatly desire.  Then offer it to them for free.  That’s an irresistible offer.

Give Your Audience What They Want
And You Will Be Rewarded

My audience is people who manage social media.  What they want (tell me if I’m wrong) is to learn more about social media.  To always get new ideas that will help them succeed at their job.  And to find new communities of other social media managers.

So I decided a great piece of content that I feel this audience would love, is to see an expert (that’s me) build a social media campaign from the ground up.  To see all the behind the scenes details of how it’s done so that they can take and use them in their own campaigns.  If I can provide this, people will find this and want to come back for more.

Join The Challenge And
Create Amazing Content

My challenge to you… play along at home.  Do what I am doing.  Join me in this challenge.  Because I do believe if you do, you will have something amazing when you’re done.

It’s not hard.  It just takes consistent focus and consistent action.  I am going to help with the focus by showing you exactly what to do.  All you need to do is take the action.

Now this is the official day one.  Yesterday was just to tell you what it was so you can decide if you want to do it.  Since you’re here now, I am assuming you do.  And that means it’s time to write.

Here Is How You Get Started

Your first task is to write about why you want to do this.  It doesn’t need to be long.  But this is the process of beginning to plan.  To do that, you need to get some clarity on what you want.

So open up your note pad or grab some paper and start writing.  Tell us, based on what you’ve read so far, why you want to do this, what you hope to accomplish, what you plan to do, etc.

This may never be published.  This may just be for you.  To help get you started, here’s mine:

I am doing this because I want to build a new habit.  And that is to write and publish highly valuable content every single day.  I want to become addicted to doing it and get so good at it that I can churn out content in my sleep.

I want this content to be so valuable to my target audience that they would be willing to walk through fire and climb mountains to get to it.

I want to build a following of loyal readers who contribute and comment.  People who help me build this community without me even asking them to do so.

I want to earn my audiences trust and have them get to know me on a deeper level and like me so that if they ever needed to hire someone to do social media for them, they will think of me first.  Because we do business with people we know, like and trust!

Now it’s your turn.  Go and write about it.  Don’t publish it yet.

Share The Love On Facebook
And Other Social Media

But you should go ahead and talk about this on your Facebook page.  It is as simple as announcing you’re taking a 30 day personal challenge to build your social media brand.  Just a teaser so people know something is coming.  Announcing it to the world will force you to take action.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook page, set one up.  If you don’t know how, make sure to grab my free course on the basics of how to setup your social media by entering your email on this page.  When you do that, you also will get your 30 day motivational emails.

Ok, commercial over.  Now let’s get going and write!

About Mike Brooks

As the owner of www.OfflineMarketingOnline.com, Mike helps local businesses to get more customers online by making them findable when people search for their product or service, build their online brand using social media and creates celebrity and authority through video marketing campaigns. Mike also helps others build their career as social media consultants with www.unbreakablesocialmedia.com


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