Who Are You Blogging For


Day 29 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


Got a question for you.

Are you looking for traffic to your blog?

I am assuming you said yes.  But what kind of traffic do you want?

I started getting traffic right away.  Killer spam robots found me.

Sometimes it is an automated system or a person who seek out blogs to make comments with the sole purpose of getting a backlink to their site.  These are usually obvious.  They make very generic comments about how much this information helped them.

Because of stuff like this, bloggers are very careful about approving comments.  I have no desire to give a backlink to someone trying to promote his porno or Viagra website.

But this is traffic.  The same 15 blog spammers come back to my blog every day.

As my site takes root more in the search engines, more of these types, which I affectionately refer to as ‘Internet Ruiners’, will find me.

Did You Identify
Your Readers?

Earlier in the thirty day challenge we created our vision and strategy for our content.  So by now you probably have a good idea of the types of people you want to attract to your blog.

But now that your content is aplenty and you’ve been doing this blog thing for a while, I think it’s good to come back to this.

I do believe that over time if you’re consistent and never give up, eventually you’re going to attract an audience.  But I also believe you can make it happen much faster when you speak to a very specific, laser targeted audience.

The Big
‘Project Killing’

I’ve been selling products in the online world for years now.  I’ve created my own information products and sold other people’s products.

The biggest mistake newbies to Internet Marketing make is they try to be everything to everyone.  They don’t target correctly and before long their campaign is a failure.

Take the lose weight industry for example.  This is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Within this industry there are sub niches.   Women who want to lose weight have different objectives and needs than men.  You can probably dig even deeper and find more sub niches of the sub niches.  Women in their 20’s are different than women in their 60’s.  Some women in their 60’s may need to lose 100 pounds.  Others are just looking to firm up.

If you start a blog in the weight loss niche that is generalized you’re going to be lost in an ocean of competing blogs.   It doesn’t mean you won’t find success.  Just if you’re blog is super specific to a certain group, you’ve got a much greater chance to build an audience.

But by talking to everyone, you run the risk of talking to no one.  You won’t make an emotional connection.

There Are Riches
In The Niches

When I ran the martial arts school, we had a very specific type of person we were looking for.  I created our avatar of the perfect customer for us.  When I then created marketing, it would be to that avatar.

But when I first got into the business, I was going after everyone.  The school tag line was ‘classes for ages 3 to 103’.  Pretty broad, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, because we were marketing to everyone, we really were engaging no one.

I finally realized our perfect prospect was a stay at home mother of a boy age 4 to 6.  The boy does not like team sports.  He gets teased in school and doesn’t seem to fit in with the crowd.  Mom knows he’s got self-esteem issues and could use a male mentor to look up to aside from his dad who works all the time.

I could go into even more detail about this perfect avatar.  I could tell you about her personal values, income level and much more.

When I did anything in that business it was for her.  That not only includes marketing, but how we put our curriculum together.  We even created our schedule to be convenient for her.  The school lobby had her favorite single serve coffees available.

People Who Were
Not Our Avatar
Found Us Too

When we started to just speak to her, everything about our school flourished.  Not only did that age group grow, our adult program grew.  Turned out parents of kids who take martial arts happen to be adults.  Who knew?

Some of these kids had siblings.  Some of them had friends and neighbors.

By being really specific and working to engage the specific group, we were able to make a connection in everything we did.  People identified with us and our message.

As more of those avatars became members, the wider masses found us; the parents, the brothers and sisters, the friends, the people who happened to walk by and peak in the window to see people sweating and smiling.

And because we got super specific, the business grew larger than we had hoped for.

Define Your Avatar

So now that you’ve come to the end of our thirty day challenge, I want you to take a second look at who you’re writing for.  Who is your avatar?

The more you know about this perfect customer/prospect/blog reader, the better.  What is her favorite color?  What types of food do they love?  The more you know the more you will be able to connect.

Once you’ve identified your avatar, go back and see how your content measures up.  Have you been writing to them or to some random group?

The great thing about a blog is it just keeps growing and evolving.  As you go forward with each new work, make sure you write for your avatar.  The better you get at this, the better your content will be and the more people will enjoy it.


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