Facebook 2011 Post F8 Changes – Why They Don’t Suck

Facebook 2011 F8 Changes TimelineWe’re only days after the F8 conference where Mark Zuckerberg unveiled new features like the Ticker, the Timeline and a bunch of other things that are seemingly sending their user base into a frenzy of fear.

Yes, I admit it.  Even I’m afraid to turn on my computer over concerns that my very thoughts will automatically appear to the known universe through my status update. But, I am urging people to let it all sink in before they get out the pitch forks and torches and head off to Palo Alto.

Obviously, there’s a ton of controversy out there now over the current tier of changes. Of course, Facebook is no stranger to outcries from their user base. It seems, in fact, that every time Facebook makes a change, there is a rather large contingent of users angered and threatening to quit.

Do a Google search on “Facebook users angry” and you’ll see a trend.

Here’s a couple headlines right off the Google results:

Facebook users angry at changes to site’s home page – Oct 2009

Angry Facebook users search for the exit – May 2010

Angry Birds coming to Facebook… ok, maybe that doesn’t count.

One article from 2010 claimed that Facebook made updates based on complaints and was hopeful it would keep the majority of their 500 million users happy. Today they have 800 million users so I guess it did.

Back in September of 2006, Facebook made a big change that left users concerned about privacy. Many users wanted to be able to opt out of this new feature all together. That new controversial feature was called the news feed.

I am sure Facebook will make updates based on some of the feedback. We’re already starting to see some changes such as a glitch where users could see who has unfriended them.

At the end of the day, I think these changes are going to take Facebook to another level. I am sure in a year or two, when Facebook has over 1 billion users and these changes have faded into the past, we’ll be griping about whatever they’ve changed next. Like a new feature that posts whatever you dream about at night straight into the frontal lobes of all your friends, their friends, your enemies, strangers you’ve brushed by and, just to be safe, all employees of the Department of Homeland Security.

Just as I can’t imagine what Facebook was like before the newsfeed, we will probably all love our timelines and viewing those of our friends. It will become one of those things that just makes sense. We won’t be able to remember what Facebook was like before it.

As I review my own timeline for pending publication with concern about everyone knowing my deepest darkest inner secrets, I realized one very important fact; I’m pretty darn boring. I doubt anyone is going to learn anything very interesting about me. “Hey look, Mike thinks a video about a talking dog is funny”. Snore.

In the meantime if you want to edit some of the more controversial things off of your timeline before it goes public like how many crops you’ve grown in Farmville, here’s a guide to get you started: Facebook timline setup guide from Mashable

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