Things To Do To Build Your Social Media Presence

Day 19 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


Today’s article is not really going to be an article in the classical sense of the word.  Instead, I thought, as we go through the 30 day challenge together, I want to simply give you a social media action list.

These are simple things you can do with your social media (some not so simple but most are).  You can do some or all of them.

And it is by no means an exhaustive list.  Feel free to add your own actions to it.  Make sure to leave a comment on this post with suggested actions to share with the rest of the community.

Some of these action items are simple and some are complex.  It assumes you’ve already got a good foundation of social media.   It also assumes you’ve read the other articles in the 30 day challenge and understand the strategy and vision.  If not, I’d suggest going back and start your 30 days off from the first article.



  • Create your own monthly report that documents what you’re going to do and what you’ve done.  Track likes, follows and any other things you feel will help you measure and track your ROI.
  • Create a list of resources you can use of influencers, blogs and websites that talk about your topic.
  • Create a posting calendar spreadsheet to plan out posts into the future.  You can always add as you go, but having this filled with things you can use will be a great asset.
  • Create posting guidelines for yourself and any other people who will be posting for you
  • Setup Google Analytics of other measurement tools so you can see where traffic is coming from.

Marketing Your Social Media

  • Make sure social media links are on your website and blogs.  Every channel you use-Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc- should have a link on every online entity you have.
  • Make sure the like, share and plus one buttons are on your website and blog posts.
  • SEO optimize your information pages on all social channels.  Create keyword rich descriptions with links back to your sites.
  • Give great content so people want to like.
  • Create welcome tab and sidebar images that brand your Facebook page and other social media that allow for this.  See Parent Match for a sample.  First time visitors see a welcome landing tab asking them to hit like.
  • Don’t keep it a secret.  Tell customers about it.

Tactics/On-Going Management

  • Create regular, high value content on your central content hub.
  • Regularly look through searching tools to listen for things happening online about your brand and your company.  Search Twitter regularly for real time conversations going on about your brand and company and then enter the conversation your prospect and customer is already having.  Same goes for Facebook and any other social channel that allows you to search (that’d be most of them if not all).
  • Find reasons to place links to news stories, blog posts written by others and yourself, information you find useful, how to videos, a joke (make sure it’s appropriate) or anything else you feel would be of value that you can share in your status updates.
  • Like comments people make on Facebook.  On your page or their own.
  • Use @tagging on Facebook and speak directly to your fans.  Thank them for commenting, answer them or anything that’s appropriate.
  • Thank people for re-tweets they make on your posts on Twitter.
  • Send direct messages to people who followed you on Twitter thanking them.  You can link to your website, blog or other social media you might want them to visit.
  • #FollowFriday, give #ShoutOuts and do other things to help people expand their network on Twitter.
  • Talk to people who comment on Facebook.  Treat all social media as a conversation.  Get back to them right away.
  • Re-tweet things by others – Do this with followers, people you follow and people you find. Great way to get on the radar of new influencers.  Do a search to find people talking about your brand and re-tweet away.
  • Make daily status updates
  • Ask questions to prompt comments
  • Share pictures – (The thing people click most on Facebook are pictures)
  • Don’t say anything that could get you in trouble – (but don’t fear being provocative)
  • Share things (hit the ‘Share’ button) influencers and other people have done on Facebook.  Make sure to place a comment about why and what you’re sharing.
  • Like and comment on other people’s and brand’s Facebook pages as your page
  • Use tools that can help you automate like Hootsuite.  But, do not over automate.  Be human.
  • Review your Facebook insights to see trends and metrics
  • Join and participate in groups on Linkedin
  • Answer and ask questions on Linkedin
  • Favorite, like and comment on Youtube videos about your brand – (You don’t need to ever upload one video to be able to do this.  But it’d be great if you did).
  • Use sponsored ads and PPC (if you have the budget)
  • Tweet with hashtags.  Make your own; #myhashtag.  But also tweet with trending hashtags that are congruent with your message and brand.
  • Hold a Twitter Chat.  You can organize your own or get in on one associated with your own brand.  Search Google for ‘Twitter Chat’ and your brand and see what you find.
  • Host teleseminars/webinars and teach something about your brand or company.  Keep it free and non-marketing.  Educate and entertain.  Then re-purpose the content as a freebie for people who like your page or join your mail list.
  • Run a contest – (Make sure to know the Facebook terms of service and how to do this with a 3rd party app before you attempt).
  • Study other successful social media campaigns to learn and see what is working that you can add to yours.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  And this is also meant for the average person who does not have thousands of dollars per month to plunk down on enterprise level social media tools.

The key is to take action and do things.  You certainly don’t have to do everything.  But everything you do will make your efforts that much more successful.

Make sure to leave a comment with your advice and anything you think should be on the list.  George Carlin’s ‘list’ started with only 7 words.  Over time it got much larger.  We can do the same here.

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