What Do You Do When You Are Facing Certain Failure

Day 13 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge

I have a confession to make.  I have nothing to publish today.  And worst of all, I have a $100 check made out to the last person on Earth I want to send a check to in my hand that I may be mailing soon.  See Day 6 for an explanation.

It’s Tuesday night and we’re closing in on the holidays.  I was at yet another local networking party this evening spreading cheer and talking business.

Never Drink And Write
Unless Writing About Drinking

Of course I left my publishing for after that which was incredibly undisciplined of me.  Had a few drinks at dinner.  Stayed later than I expected.  Had a few more drinks. And before you know it, it’s 10:00 pm and the clock is ticking.  If I don’t publish by midnight, I’ve failed.

Now, in my defense, I have three pieces of content poised and ready to go.  So I got a little cocky figuring I’d just go home and push the button.

But then I started to re-read it and realized it needed a little help.  So I started to tweak it.  Before you know it, the piece had completely changed.  Now I had even more editing to do.

I couldn’t take any of the other pieces to publish tonight because they were building upon the previous post.  Starting to freak out a little.  Haven’t even made it half way through the challenge yet.

Don’t Wait Until
The Last Minute

This really illustrates the importance of having a backlog of content which I talked about in an earlier post.  I do have a backlog, but because they were all related I had to push the entire sequence out an extra day.  Here I am facing failure dead square in the eyes.

So what do you do when you know you’re going to be stuck holding a bunch of lemons as the clock winds down?  Do you make lemonade?  Easy enough but what if you hate lemonade?

The Snowball Effect

When things start going wrong I get stressed.  When I get stressed, things just get worse.

It started out where I was staring at a document.  Before long I felt like I was wearing chain maile armor trying to slay a three headed monster.  It keeps growing and growing until finally it’s out of control.  And the more out of control it gets the more out of control it gets.

Let It Go

Have you ever been so angry you can’t control anything that comes out of your mouth?  Of you get so depressed that you can’t get out of be?  When you get into a certain state of mind, it can be crippling.  The only thing to do at that point is jar yourself out of it.

So I just turned everything off.  Shut down the document I was working on to save for tomorrow when I’ve got my sea legs back.

The first thing to do when facing failure… get real.  I admited my defeat.  And what better way to admit defeat than writing about it.  And low and behold in no time, I’ve got a piece of content.

Well now the excitement is flowing.  The blood is pumping.  Before long I’m in a new emotional state.  One where I’m excited about doing what it is I was trying to do in the first place.

Failure Is Just An
Opportunity For Success

Ok, so this is just one piece of content and wasn’t like I was about to botch brain surgery.  But sometimes little failures can lead to bigger ones.  Before you know it, you give up all together.

If I gave up and didn’t write today, then tomorrow I would be more likely to give up even faster.  Last thing I want to do is condition myself to give in when the going gets tough.

It’s going to get tougher still.  When you’re faced with the inevitable writers block day, what will you do?  How will you react?

I think this is a great question to ask when faced with any kind of failure.  Forcing myself to think about my own failure today enabled me to do the very thing I was about to fail at.

The challenge isn’t over yet.  Many more bumps in the road to come.  But for today, I can go to bed knowing I turned a failure into a success.

The Lost Art Of Letter Writing – Blog Writing Secret Tip

Day 12 Of The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge

When’s the last time you wrote a hand written letter?  If you can remember, congratulations on being one of a few.  And if you’ve done it recently, you’re a rare breed.  If you do it all the time, you’re on the endangered species list.

It is something we as a culture used to do all the time.  Today, when we want to communicate with another person, we email them.  If they’re really in our inner circle and we want true intimacy in communication, we whip out our Iphone and text them.  LOL!

Think about it; when is the last time you pulled a hand written card or letter out of your mail box?  Maybe during the holidays?

And I’m no saint here.  I love modern technology.

Even when you receive something that looks like it was handwritten, it might not be.  I have an online system that allows me to send real greeting cards through this companies system that uses my personal handwriting font.  When I hit send, the card prints at this company and they mail it for me.  Here is a blatant affiliate link for it… it is pretty cool though.

Very convenient
But hardly personal

Technology has turned us into this.  It’s no wonder the postal office is struggling along like a wounded Brontosaurus.

I think that writing by hand always brings out the best.  It’s raw, visceral and real.  You cannot get any closer with your writing than writing in this way.  Hand writing a personal letter is by far the best way to become intimate with it.  And aren’t these emotions what we want for our social media audience to experience through our writing?

What Can World War II
And Clint Eastwood
Teach Us About Writing?

Did you see the movie “Letters From Iwo Jima”?  What a great movie by one of my favorite actor/directors of all time, Clint Eastwood.  (I feel macho just saying the man’s name.)

The story is about the battle of Iwo Jima between the United States and Imperial Japan during World War II. It is told from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers both through their actions and letters they wrote home to their families.  Of course these letters would not find their way to their loved ones until they were either captured or dead.

The men who defended Iwo Jima knew that they were probably going to die there on that island.  The emotion that went into those letters they wrote was gripping.

Spoiler Alert

I am about to give away the ending.  You might want to skip this if you haven’t seen it.  (This is the part where I’d be saying “I know how World War II ends!”).

The movie opened with a team of Japanese excavators digging in a cave on Iwo Jima in present day.  At the very end of the movie, the team finds something buried.  They carefully lift a bag from the cave floor.

As the bag is raised, it opens from the bottom and hundreds of letters fall out onto the ground.  As they collect there on the cave floor you hear the voices of the men who wrote them.  It was very powerful.

End Of Spoiler

You just don’t get the same emotion from writing on a computer.  The act of writing and even reading a hand written letter is just different.

If you’re in direct response marketing and want to guarantee your mail piece gets opened; hand write the envelope.  Most people sort their mail over their garbage cans.  They toss everything that looks like a sales letter.

But a hand written letter, that goes into the must open pile.  And if the letter inside is hand written, you can bet your bottom dollar it is read too.  Up until they realized they’re reading a sales letter, that is.  LOL! (Woops, went back into texting mode).

Now You’re Really
Making A Connection!

Think about the process of writing a letter to someone close to you.  A parent, a child, a best friend.

In your letter you would tell them in a direct way what was happening in your life.  It likely will not be literature.  It might be conversational; the way you speak.

This is one of the best ways, in my humble opinion, to write.  When we speak, telling a story, we generally follow with a certain natural structure.  This is the way I like to write.

Use This Concept To
Create Your Content

So think of your audience as your parent, child, best friend.  You’re simply writing a letter to them every day.  Sharing with them things you think they should know about your business, brand or company.

If you’re struggling to unearth new things to write about each day, imagine yourself in a cave in a far off land about to give your life for your country.  All you have is a pad, a pencil and your raw emotions.  I bet you can create something to write home about.

GBFN! That’s text slang for Goodbye For now.

Success Secrets From The Worst Team In Football


Day 11 of The Social Media Challenge

Today being Sunday in December, I spent a little time watching Football.  I’m a long suffering fan of the Washington Redskins.  I’m still sitting Shiva for glory days long since passed.

After watching them lose today… yet again, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to their failure and potential failure in this 30 day challenge.  For that matter, failure at anything in life can be illustrated through the trials and tribulations of my once proud team.

What Does A Football Team
Know About
Social Media Content?

When I was a kid the Redskins were a powerhouse.  They had John Riggins, Joe Theisman, an offensive line so big and mean they were called simply “The Hogs”.

Their great coach Joe Gibbs was able to take mediocre players and turn them into champions.  They have a group of grown men so dedicated to their team they wear dresses and hog noses to every game.  They call themselves fittingly, The Hoggets.  And they have the coolest fight song in the NFL: “Hail to the Redskins” that is played by an actual marching band.

They also had the coolest owners in the game.  Jack Kent Cook owned the team all the years I was a fan and I loved this guy.

The Man Who
Ruined My Team

When he passed away, the team went up for sale and was bought by someone who’s name I dare not say.  Not for legal reasons but because he has destroyed my beloved team in such a profound fashion that I actually think he might be evil.  He’s the Voldermort of the NFL.

He’s turned this once storied franchise into a laughing stock.  Not just drawing the ire of Redskins fans but of the entire league for doing some really wretched things including suing a grandmother.

In my opinion, he is solely responsible for over a decade of a new tradition I like to call: sucking worse than anything has sucked before.  Piece by piece he has torn this team down to a band of unlovable losers.

Of course, he didn’t want to do this.  But I believe he did it for the same reasons most people fail at anything.  See, he wasn’t a football guy.  He was a fan of the team but knew nothing about running one.

And there really is nothing wrong with that.  I mean, if had an extra $800 million dollars lying around I probably would have bought the team too.  And I am sure I would have done something stupid like made myself quarterback even though I can’t throw to save my life.  Of course, the first time some 300 pound line backer pile drove me into the ground I’d have probably had enough with that boyhood dream.

You Don’t Know
What You Don’t Know

But the thing is, he should have educated himself.  You want to succeed at something, get educated.

You want to create killer content, educate yourself on your niche.  Understand your product or service better than anyone else on planet Earth.  If an advanced race of experts in your niche from the 24th century time traveled back to now, it should be to seek your advice.

The owner who’s name cannot be spoken didn’t do that.  Instead he surrounded himself with the wrong people.  He made bad decisions out of ignorance.  And the team (and us fans) suffered for it.  But worse, he wasn’t learning from his mistakes.  He just kept repeating them over and over again.

You Have To
Have A Plan

It’s bad enough not to have a plan.  But he wouldn’t stick to it.  Every time something went wrong he fired someone or over paid some new player that was well past his prime.

Being successful in social media and content creation means knowing the right way to do it and going out and executing the plan.  If you stumble, you get back up and keep moving forward.  You don’t fire your head coach just because.

This goes for anything, really.  Want to be successful at virtually anything?  Know more about it than anyone else, stay focused and execute your plan with religious consistency.  And if you know you’ve got a great plan and strategy, keep executing through the failures and set-backs.  You can’t win every superbowl.

The owners who’s name cannot be spoken didn’t live by these important basic fundamentals.  Maybe he’ll figure it out someday and bring my team back to its former glory.  If not, maybe we can find our Harry Potter to send him back to the underworld.

Your Content Syndication Strategy

Day 10 of The Social Media Challenge

Today is day ten, congratulations on still being with me.  Yesterday we got into setting up our blog.  If you’ve been holding onto your content, now is the time to publish away.  Here’s the process I follow to get the word out to the world.

You don’t need to do it the same exact way I do.  It has to be congruent with your vision and what you want the overall outcome to be.

Publish To Your Blog

In this process, our Central Content Hub is my blog.  This is the main home for all the content I’m creating.  The next step is to take that piece of content and share it across the internet.

If you only just set your blog up on Day 9, go to your blog and put each piece in there one at a time.  Make sure to publish them in the same order you wrote them.  This way they’ll all show up chronologically correct.

You Need To Create A Syndication Strategy

Writing a blog is not enough.  You have to have ways to get traffic to it.  Without going off into a Search Engine Optimization lesson, you have to let Google and the others know how darn important you are.

Below are the different places I like to make sure every piece of content is broadcast to.  There is some automation tools I use to accomplish this but for the most part I actually do most of it manually.

Google really doesn’t want you gaming their system.  So by syndicating one thing to a lot of different places with the intention of “optimizing” your site, you’re technically breaking Google’s terms.  In fact, it can be argued that just about anything you do to get traffic to your page, other than give Google money, breaks their terms.

They want things to grow organically. In other words, you create a web page and people talk about through their preferred online method.

Google is relying more and more on social media to understand the value of content that’s out there.  Here’s a video with Google big wig Matt Cutts discussing this:



So long story short, I don’t advocate trying to game the system.  Making sure your stuff is great content is a sure fire way to get it talked about.  But syndicating it to your own social media is the first way to get it out there.

Facebook Page

When you setup your Facebook account, that’s a personal profile.  A page is setup from within your personal profile.  When we syndicate to Facebook, you want it to be on a page.  This is where you will get the biggest bang.

Below you see that I posted it into my Eye On Social Media Facebook page.  I had images in that post so they get embedded which creates an eye catching visual.

I also ask a question above the link to the post.  I like posting questions and calls to actions such as ‘If you like this please share’.  This will greatly increase the amount of interaction you get on your updates.  And the more interaction you get, the better chance you have of more people seeing it.



My Twitter account is linked to Facebook.  So every time I post something to Facebook it automatically goes to Twitter.  It will create a link right back to Facebook for any content that goes over 140 characters.


I post to Linkedin the same way I would to Facebook.  Simply put the same post right in the status box.

I usually try to keep it a little more professional.  Facebook, even though you can have a business page, can be much more casual while Linkedin is all about business.

You can also automate this so your Facebook goes straight to Linkedin.  This is convienent.  But each platform is different and I think it’s a good idea to respect them as such.  The way you post on Linkedin, may look different than Facebook as my example below.


Youtube is a social network too.  When you view your channel, you can actually post what’s called a bulletin.  This is Youtube’s version of the status update.  It gives you a place to put a comment and another to put a Youtube video link.

You can see from the pictures I just put my comment and link to my blog in the bulletin.  That link will activate when it posts to my recent activity.

Now, of course, people on Youtube want to see videos.  So posting a link to a written blog will help give you some link love but people probably won’t care for the content.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can take your content and turn it into a video.  This is a little work but can really be worth it.

The way to do this is to create a presentation with the bullet points of your article.  Then use a screen capture tool to record it while you read the article to match the bullet points.  Boom, instant video.

Google Plus

The new kid on the block.  You betcha I want to be sharing my content on the new social media network created and run by the worlds most important search engine.

Here you share with your ‘Circles’.  Just another fancy word for Likes, Fans, Subscribers or Followers.  Every social network has to have their own fun name for it.


As long as you’re reading the article anyway, why not turn it into an audio as well.  Now you can submit this to a podcast channel such as podcast.com.  You can even submit your podcast channel to the Itunes store.

On Another Note

We also want to make sure that our blog itself has a way people can Like, Tweet, Share that content.  You’ll notice below each of my posts you can Like the actual post.  You can plus it for Google Plus.  Or tweet it.  This is also really important to have installed on your blog, if possible.

But Wait, There’s More

There’s a whole slew of other social networks and bookmarking sites that we can strategically post are blogs too.  We’ll get into these “others” later on through the challenge.  But the big three; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are absolute musts to get your content out there.  And quite frankly, they may just be enough if your stuff is good.

It should be automatic that you share your blog posts across these channels every time you publish.  Like James Earl Jones said to Kevin Costner: “If you post it, people will come, Ray.  People will most certainly come!”.

How To Get Your Blog Setup Fast

Day 9 – Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge

Welcome to day 9.  We’re almost a third of the way done!

If you have not yet setup your blog, today is the day.  Hopefully you’ve been producing your content every day.  If you have, you’ve got a lot of stuff to publish.

There’s two ways to setup a blog.  You can use your own site or someone else’s.

If you’re tech savvy or have someone to do it, you can setup a self hosted WordPress or other type of blog very quickly.

To Self Host Or
Not To Self Host

This blog you’re reading right now is a self hosted blog.  Without getting fancy and creating custom headers and CSS, I was able to go from start to published post in 30 minutes.

If you want free and easy, just use someone else’s.  And for that, I recommend Tumblr.com or WordPress.com.  You can be up and running in mere minutes.

Here’s A Short Video
That Shows You How

How To Create Content Without Writing – Video 101

Welcome to Day 8 of the Social Media Challenge

You don’t have to create written content.  Welcome to cheat day.  I’ll let the video explain.


5 Reasons You Need To Know The Experts In Your Field

Day 7 Of The Thirty Day Social Media Challenge

If your goal is to be considered an expert in your field, one thing is for sure; you better know who the other experts are.  Not only should you want to know who they are, you should also want to get on their radar.

If you’re working the 30 day social media challenge, and I hope you are, today we’re going to challenge you to find out who these key players are.  This takes a little digging sometimes but it is well worth it in the long run.  Here are 5 reasons you want to know who your experts are.

1: The Experts Will Give
You Content To Use

If you look on this blog you’ll see where I took the transcript from a great Q&A session that Joe Pulizzi or the Content Marketing Institute hosted.  In fact, here is the blog post: Q&A With Joe Pulizzi On Content Marketing.

Now, first of all, this was an incredibly valuable piece of content that I believe was well worth blogging about.  I honestly felt it should be shared.  So I shared it.

But the best part of this was, I took a piece of content that was already written.  I had to edit it because it wasn’t done as a blog post; it was on Facebook.  So I re-formatted it and put it into a blog post.

In the post, I gave full credit with links to the owners.  I explained why I was doing what I was doing and when I was done, I had a unique piece of content that had amazing value and it took me very little effort.

Afterwards, I also asked permission of the two authors.  One of the authors gave me a shout-out on his Facebook page which drove visitors to my blog.

2: The Experts Will Turn
You Into An Expert

Obviously, by reading the experts in your field, you’re going to build your own knowledge base.  Not just on the topic though.

A great thing about social media is that we can now easily see things that we used to have to hire focus groups to learn.  We can not only see the content they write but we can see which get the most likes.  We can see which get a lot of comments and the kinds of comments they get.

You’ll also be able to see how they promote their content.  What different social media channels do they broadcast to?  What sources seem to bring the most traffic back to the main source?

There are endless possibilities to learn from your experts about your topic.  But digging under the covers will give you a great deal of insight.

3: The Experts
Will Help You

I recently interviewed Mari Smith who is one of the top Facebook experts out there (she just released a new book called ‘The New Relationship Marketing‘).  She was very gracious to have done this with me.  (You can get this interview when you enter your email on this page, by the way.)

Years ago, a friend of mine got a job as a private chef for Bobby Bonilla who was a Baseball player for, at the time, my favorite team the New York Mets.  I got to go to a lot of games in luxury that year.  I even got to get my heart broken at the playoffs live and in person instead of the way it’s usually broken; on TV.

But the interesting thing to me is the instant fame association people make.  I am with a famous ball player so I must in some way be famous too.  It’s silly to think it happens, but it does.

The same thing happens here.  When you are endorsed in some way by an expert in your niche, you will instantly become an expert by association to many.  Not to all, but to a lot.

Now, it is important to do this genuinely.   I really wanted to interview Mari because I like her and think she’s an amazing resource who I wanted to share with my followers.  If I asked to interview her for nothing more than my own personal gain, she would have seen right through that.

If your heart is in the right place, your goal is unselfish and you have value to add, many experts in your niche will want to help you succeed.

Just remember, people want to be around, help and do business with people that they know, like and trust.  You gain much more in life by giving.

4: The Experts Will
Motivate You

It is always inspiring to see what others have accomplished.  If they can do it, so can you or me.  So where there is success already, there are possibilities for anyone else.

If you want to become an expert then eventually these people will be your peers, right?  So why not start thinking of them that way now?

Peers are there to lift each other up.  They are there to provide inspiration and motivation.

5: The Experts
Provide Community

In this day and age of social media, most top experts in about any niche probably have a huge following.  They may have a ton of people on their Facebook page.  Maybe they’ve got tens of thousands of loyal Twitter followers.  Maybe they have a forum or a blog.

These can be fantastic communities of the very people you’re looking to connect with.  They are already out there congregating in plain sight.

You can comment and post to these social media channels.  If you offer interesting insights, people will take a peek at your channels to see what you’re all about.  And once they’re there, you now have the opportunity to convince them to follow you too.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about spamming someone’s Facebook page to trick their followers to like you.  That’s never met with success.

You must approach this as we’ve been discussing all along this challenge.  You have to provide high quality content.  If you do that, people will come.

In the social media world, Social Media Examiner is a great educational resource.  They also provide other social media managers a great community.

I hope this motivates you to get out there and learn about the experts in your field.  And if you’ve already done it, maybe you’ll find some new ones or some new ways to think about how you can utilize their expertise.

How to Always Follow Through and Accomplish your Goals

Day 6 Of The Thirty  Day
Social Media Challenge

By now you should have a ton of things to write about.  You should have started writing and hopefully publishing your content.

Today I want to share a powerful strategy that will help you to follow through and finish the challenge.  Not only will this help you here, but it will help you do virtually anything you want to in life.

I Have Broken Every
New Year’s Resolution
I’ve Ever Set

It’s less than a month away from New Year’s Eve.  This is the time of year when we all set those darned resolutions that most of us will never follow through on.  I’ve set resolutions at New Year’s parties that I’ve even broken before the clock struck twelve.

I’ve set goals to lose weight, to exercise more, to work harder in business.  I’ve set all sorts of crazy goals.  And not just New Year’s Eve but I set new goals all throughout the year that end up dying and going to goal heaven.

The Reason Why We
Set Goals That
We Don’t Follow Through On

We all do it.  And we’ll all probably continue to do it.  Hopefully, though, this will help break the cycle for you as it has for me.

There’s two main reasons why people don’t follow through with goals they set.  They are pleasure and pain.

We either truly don’t want the goal bad enough.  Or the goal doesn’t help to move us away from any real pain.

Anthony Robbins says we’re constantly working to move towards pleasure or away from pain.  If it’s not pleasurable to write and worse, causes pain, you’re not going to follow through with it no matter how much you think you will.

Or maybe there is something else going on at the moment you need to write that is more pleasurable causing writing to be painful at that moment.  You’re going to eventually give in.

So the idea is to understand all of the wonderful things that can come out of it.  And then you also must truly desire having those things.  But that we covered already.  What I want to cover is making it so painful to not write, that you will do whatever it takes to follow through.

Who Do You

This is going to seem harsh, but you need to find the one person or thing on this Earth that you truly want nothing to do with on any level.  You need to feel at your core that you would rather wrestle a pack of Crocodiles than being anywhere near this person or thing.

Now I know it’s great to think we should all love each other.  But I have to think there is someone to hate for even the most loved person.  As much as the Pope cares for all, I bet he would rather not attend a Neo-Nazi meeting.

This thing could be a politician who’s ideas you totally disagree with on every level.  Could be an ex spouse who took your kids away and ruined you for life.  The idea of being near this person, group or thing must truly make your skin crawl.

This Might Just
Cost You $100

Next thing you do is write a check for $100 with today’s date to that person, group or thing.  And again, you have to really loathe this.  So if you’re a die-hard gun control advocate, write the check to the NRA.  If you’re Superman, write the check to Lex Luther.  Get the idea?

Now stick that check into an envelope, seal it, address it and put a stamp on it.  Repeat this process until you have 30 sealed envelopes with $100 check inside written to your nemesis.

Every day you don’t write and publish one piece you mail one check.  Every day you do, you toss one into the shredder.


The Idea Of Not Following
Through Will Cause You
Great Pain

Think you’ll be more motivated to write?  Darn tootin’ you will be!

I have to give credit to my friend, mentor and genius marketer Jason Silverman (pictured to the right) for teaching this to me.  Because of him I would miss the Super bowl if it meant a choice between getting my task for the day done and mailing one of those checks.

I should probably be mad at him for teaching this to me.  For all he knows, the checks I wrote for this project are addressed to him.  Unfortunately for him, this trick works so well he’ll never know.

Secret To Publish 20 Or More Blog Posts Fast

Now that you’ve gone through some exercises to get yourself motivated, create your vision and, I hope, even written your first few pieces, you need to plan what to write about the rest of the month.  By the end of this article, you should have a lot, if not all, your blog posts mind mapped out.

The Reason Most People Fail

A big problem many people face when they’re trying to create content for themselves or their clients is how to keep the momentum.  They write a couple pieces then all the sudden they’re scratching their heads trying to come up with content.

The big reason they stop is because there is no plan.  There’s no layout to follow that has a logical, connected path that is simple to follow.

This is all about creating a plan.  This is about creating a simple roadmap that use to crank out great content very quickly.

This Is A Great Method
But There Are More

Now there are a lot of ways to do this.  And as we continue on the Thirty Day Social Media Challenge, we’ll explore others.  But this is one of my very favorite methods that I use not only for myself, I run my clients through this as well.

I can’t take all the credit for this because I first learned it from Mike Keonigs of Traffic Geyser.  (Full disclosure: that link is an affiliate link so if you became a client of them I would get a commission).  This is part of a strategy that Mike uses to teach how to create massive amounts of content very quickly.

Mike advocates using this with video.  But the great thing is, it can be used for any kind of content creation.

This Simple Method
Can Generate
20 Different Topics 

It’s quite simple actually.  (Isn’t it amazing, by the way, how often some of the most profound methods are pretty easy?).  Take the 10 most frequently asked questions you get and the 10 questions people should ask you and answer them.  It can be more or less, but that’s the idea.

Now here’s the thing, if people are asking these questions on a regular basis about what it is you do, then you’ve got high interest content.  These are things people want to know.  Therefore it already has a high level of interest.  And that’s exactly what we want.

What Do Your Readers
Want To Know About You?

Take out a sheet of paper or open your word processor and list as many as you can for each.  If you can only do 5, that’s great.  If you can do more than 10, keep going:

1: Frequently asked questions – These are the top questions that you are continually asked about your product or service
2: Should ask questions – These are the top questions your customers should be asking

If you come up with 10 for each, you will have 20 powerful topics.  Now simply order them logically.  These can literally become your table of contents.

This Makes It
Much Easier To Write

Now go back and write your answers for each of them the same way you would if you were face to face with your prospect or customer.  Your answer is your individual blog post.  This one exercise alone could create 20 unique pieces of content.

As I mentioned, there’s other ways to come up with ideas and concepts for your content.  We’ll explore them later.  But here is a method to get you moving very fast.

Do you have one to share? Post yours in the comments below.

How to Create a Vision for Your Social Media Campaign

Welcome back to day 4!  Doesn’t time fly?

Now, if you’ve stumbled upon this and are wondering ‘What’s this day 4 thing?’  this is my thirty day social media challenge.  It’s all here in this blog and the best way to see the whole thing, is to look for the category for 30 Day Challenge over in the right hand side.

I should also tell you I wrote this as well as the previous posts on November 26th all at once.  My goal is to write at least once per day but, of course, if you have the motivation, write more.  It’s great to have a back log of things to publish and then each day you write is for your library of future things to publish.  In fact, I highly recommend this if it works for you.

What You Will Be
Writing About
For The Next Month

What is it you plan to write about over the next 30 days?  Today is all about creating the vision for what we want.

You start by literally writing the words ‘my vision for my content is…’.  Then keep going until you’ve got a crystal clear road map for what the content of the remaining days will be.

And you don’t need to do this for only 30 days.  But at least that much.  And remember this is day 4 so you only have 26 days left.

Once you get to day 30, you’re going to have some amazing habits formed.  I guarantee you’ll keep writing and churning out great content well after this with the greatest of ease.

Easy Way To Create Your
Grand Vision For Writing:
Just Copy Me

The best way for me to tell you how to create your vision statement is to tell you how I created mine.  This is where the rubber meets the road so do this and don’t continue on until you’ve got it.  The clearer your vision, the better your content will be, the easier it will be to create it and the more people will eventually consume it.

Now, the first part of this for me comes from my understanding of how people make things hit the big time on the internet.  It’s more than just content.  It’s community.  The biggest names in social media create a community.

Let’s start with the big kahuna; Facebook.  They created a tool that allows over 800 million people to share their lives online.  They created a community.

Coke, Dell, Dos Equis to name a few focused on their community first.  The content drips from that.  So my vision starts with what I want my community to look like.

The Simple Formula
That Defines Commerce
On The Web

I also know that life and death on the internet is decided by a very simple formula.  Traffic and conversions equals dollars.

Now, although this is 100% free blog my goal is to make money at what I do.  This does not mean that I am charging for the content though.  The most successful internet marketers and social media pros make their content free.

Facebook became Facebook by providing their system for free.  Countless other huge success stories have done the same.

If I charge for this content, no one will ever see it.  If Facebook charged their users, they would be probably out of business by now.

But by offering great content free, they have very high conversions.  Now, free alone does not help conversions.  As a matter of fact, free alone may just be viewed with wide eyed suspicion.

Great content for free that is greatly needed and even more importantly, desired, by a group of people will result in high conversions.  If the offer converts, all you need to do is drive traffic to it.

The More You Give,
The More You Gain

So, while there are many different ways to go about it, I strongly suggest you follow the free method.  And that what you give for free must be the best possible stuff you can muster.

Money will come later.  Just ask Mark Zuckerberg who saw his personal value go into the billions once they started advertising.  Like Facebook, you won’t see a hint of advertising on this blog while we’re building it up.  Not until it gets to a number of users where it makes sense to start.  That could be in the tens of thousands.

  • So the vision for this involves:
  • Giving 100% free high quality content away on a very regular basis
  • Having a lead capture system in place to capture emails
  • Providing incentives to Like, Follow, Friend, etc
  • Creating a community where people will feel compelled to participate
  • Attracting talent to contribute high quality free content

The vision for my central content hub is to teach social media managers my method for managing social media.  They may be professional social media managers or they may be a receptionist in the office who just got promoted to chief Facebook status updater.

Whatever their job or level of skill, my goal is to add a ton of value so they can be inspired, educated and be a part of a community of like-minded people.  Ultimately, I want to be able to help them do their jobs better.

This Is How To Write
Several Pieces Of Content

Now, here’s your homework.  You need to go and write at least one blog post and share your vision.

If you want a living breathing example to use as your road map, go and read the first three blog posts of this Thirty Day Social Media Challenge.  The intro, day 1 and day 2 all came from the act of understanding my vision.

Here are the blog posts for easy reference (and also so that I can blatantly create an SEO friendly link to promote other content).

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