How Gary Vaynerchuck Pissed Me Off

Day 23 Of
The Thirty Day
Social Media Challenge


I have to interrupt this regularly scheduled post where I was going to go over tools and tactics for getting others to create content for you.  I saw something today that I had to share and it’s actually pretty relevant to what we’re discussing.

I actually planned to post about the topic of this after this series of posts was done.  But I got so worked up I had to stop and squeeze it in here.  Hope you don’t mind.

Quite frankly, I also think this is a great illustration that fits right in.  After all I am using a piece of content created by someone else to build my own content.

There Is No Such
Thing As Social Media

I’ve been a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuck for a while now.  His book “Crush It” may be one of the most important marketing books of recent years.  But recently, he said something that just got my tail feathers all ruffled.

Watch this quick video to see for yourself:

In his video he says there is no such thing as social media.  His take is that social media is the same as the Internet.  “Asking what the ROI of social media is like asking what the ROI of the Internet is”.

He says that social media is just a word to describe the Internet.  He also states something very true and very profound.  “In 2012, if you bet against the Internet, you’re going to lose”.

I actually think that was true of every year for the past 10 years (at least).  But each year, the stakes really do get higher as the Internet makes our world much smaller.

I’ve Always Felt
This Way

It was one of those head slapping moments when I saw this.  I’ve been telling my prospects and clients this for a long time.  Of course, I can’t look really cool now and take credit for it.

The concept of social media, as far as I was always concerned, has been around since the early days of the Internet.  Bulletin boards, chat rooms, forums; they were all social media tools.  We just didn’t have a name for it until recently as it went from something only nerds like me used to something that became a part of pop culture.

I’ve used the analogy on ROI that Gary mentioned above, albeit not so simply or eloquently as he did.  When we sign a new client on social media, what we’re doing is managing their Internet marketing.

In the two minute video Gary created, he made a great piece of content that actually had some controversy in it because people will most certainly disagree with him.  And that will attract more attention to his content which is exactly what you want to happen.

I couldn’t help but kick myself when I saw it.  Why didn’t I turn that into a piece of content myself?  It should have been obvious since I was already technically preaching it.  Gary found a way to discuss it that I didn’t see.  He put his unique angle and voice to it and boom… great content!  Man that pisses me off!

What Else Could
I Be Missing?

Now I am scouring through things I’ve written and my own thoughts to try to unearth what else I may have that I’ve not written about yet.  Is there something profound I’ve said that someone else will beat me to the punch with?

Ever have an idea for something that you thought was cool but no one will be interested in?  Then two years later you see it on some TV infomercial.  Some other schmuck is getting rich.  Could have been you!

The reason I bring this up is to illustrate the importance of reading, watching and studying others like Gary.  I love case studies of successful people because success really does leave clues.  Want to be successful, study and then do what others are doing.  Gary is one of those I study regularly.

You Are What
You Read
(Or Watch)

One biggie I always learned from people like Anthony Robbins was to find people who are already successful doing what I want to do and then do what they do.  Robbins became who he became not by going to school for 10 years (in fact, he didn’t even go to college).  He became the world’s leading success coach from understanding what others do to achieve greatness.

Gary is one of my personal success coaches.  He’s one of many people on a long list of phenomenally smart and successful people doing what I do whom I watch very carefully.

The reality of it is that I want to be pissed off.  I want to be challenged and made to feel uncomfortable.  That’s how we learn, grow and become better at what we do.

Who do you follow?  Who pisses you off?  Leave your comments to share with the community.