How to Always Follow Through and Accomplish your Goals

Day 6 Of The Thirty  Day
Social Media Challenge

By now you should have a ton of things to write about.  You should have started writing and hopefully publishing your content.

Today I want to share a powerful strategy that will help you to follow through and finish the challenge.  Not only will this help you here, but it will help you do virtually anything you want to in life.

I Have Broken Every
New Year’s Resolution
I’ve Ever Set

It’s less than a month away from New Year’s Eve.  This is the time of year when we all set those darned resolutions that most of us will never follow through on.  I’ve set resolutions at New Year’s parties that I’ve even broken before the clock struck twelve.

I’ve set goals to lose weight, to exercise more, to work harder in business.  I’ve set all sorts of crazy goals.  And not just New Year’s Eve but I set new goals all throughout the year that end up dying and going to goal heaven.

The Reason Why We
Set Goals That
We Don’t Follow Through On

We all do it.  And we’ll all probably continue to do it.  Hopefully, though, this will help break the cycle for you as it has for me.

There’s two main reasons why people don’t follow through with goals they set.  They are pleasure and pain.

We either truly don’t want the goal bad enough.  Or the goal doesn’t help to move us away from any real pain.

Anthony Robbins says we’re constantly working to move towards pleasure or away from pain.  If it’s not pleasurable to write and worse, causes pain, you’re not going to follow through with it no matter how much you think you will.

Or maybe there is something else going on at the moment you need to write that is more pleasurable causing writing to be painful at that moment.  You’re going to eventually give in.

So the idea is to understand all of the wonderful things that can come out of it.  And then you also must truly desire having those things.  But that we covered already.  What I want to cover is making it so painful to not write, that you will do whatever it takes to follow through.

Who Do You

This is going to seem harsh, but you need to find the one person or thing on this Earth that you truly want nothing to do with on any level.  You need to feel at your core that you would rather wrestle a pack of Crocodiles than being anywhere near this person or thing.

Now I know it’s great to think we should all love each other.  But I have to think there is someone to hate for even the most loved person.  As much as the Pope cares for all, I bet he would rather not attend a Neo-Nazi meeting.

This thing could be a politician who’s ideas you totally disagree with on every level.  Could be an ex spouse who took your kids away and ruined you for life.  The idea of being near this person, group or thing must truly make your skin crawl.

This Might Just
Cost You $100

Next thing you do is write a check for $100 with today’s date to that person, group or thing.  And again, you have to really loathe this.  So if you’re a die-hard gun control advocate, write the check to the NRA.  If you’re Superman, write the check to Lex Luther.  Get the idea?

Now stick that check into an envelope, seal it, address it and put a stamp on it.  Repeat this process until you have 30 sealed envelopes with $100 check inside written to your nemesis.

Every day you don’t write and publish one piece you mail one check.  Every day you do, you toss one into the shredder.


The Idea Of Not Following
Through Will Cause You
Great Pain

Think you’ll be more motivated to write?  Darn tootin’ you will be!

I have to give credit to my friend, mentor and genius marketer Jason Silverman (pictured to the right) for teaching this to me.  Because of him I would miss the Super bowl if it meant a choice between getting my task for the day done and mailing one of those checks.

I should probably be mad at him for teaching this to me.  For all he knows, the checks I wrote for this project are addressed to him.  Unfortunately for him, this trick works so well he’ll never know.

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